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  1. 808shadow

    CB200 tank

    I bought one for really cheap but it has some rust spots and I don't think I can weld it so I'm looking for another tank. I have the chrome trip and black leather thing that goes down the middle so I just need the tank. If its got a little bit of surface rust on the inside that is ok, I can fix...
  2. 808shadow

    Mikuni Carbs

    Hey guys there seems to be a lot of interest in these little guys and they're vastly sold out but that I would share this website that sells them for a decent price. Good luck!
  3. 808shadow

    CB200 tires and questions.

    hey guys I need to buy some new tires for my cb200. Stock sizes are 2.75-18 front and 3.0-18 rear. I thought about doing larger sizes but its to my understanding that a bigger tire will actually reduce the amount of rubber actually in contact with the road (depending on how much bigger). That...
  4. 808shadow

    Mikuni VM20 price

    Hey I found a site offering vm20's at 63.00 and free shipping and wanted to check on how that compares with prices you guys have found. I can't seem to find them anywhere and the last one I saw on ebay went for 90 something dollars. Thanks!
  5. 808shadow

    Inspiration; Where do you go?

    Hey guys just thought I would share one my favorite website where I look to for inspiration and I was wondering where everyone else went. If you don't mind share a link to your favorite site. Here is one of my favorite places
  6. 808shadow

    Trade my kz550 and kz900 project bikes for cb200 (parts or bike)

    hey guys I was trying to sell my kz550 and kz900 project bikes but I know in all honesty I would just spend it on my CB200 build anyway so if someone would want to trade for a cb200 (parts bike or not) or just cb200 parts that would be great. here is a link to my project bikes...
  7. 808shadow

    2 into 1 manifold for Carb

    Hi all, I'm running the idea through my head of running 1 carb on my 75 cb200 project. I know the old harley's ran one carb and it worked just fine. My question is has anyone made this 2 into 1 manifold ? or can it be bought? Also I was wondering about the issues that could arise with such a...
  8. 808shadow

    1975 CB200 Cafe Project

    I've been waiting a while for a first project bike and when I saw this thing for how cheap it was I couldn't resist. It is a project to say the least and I am in the works of getting a title for it. Luckily I met a motorcycle mechanic in one of my undergrad classes and he has offered to help me...
  9. 808shadow

    1981 kawasaki KZ550 and 1977 KZ900 Part Bikes for sale $300 for both OBO

    I recently picked these guys up in a combo deal with my cb200. I have no need for them and I need room in my garage so I'm looking to sell em. I have a copy of the original title for the KZ900 so I guess it would be up to you to contact the original owner and get the title transferred. No title...
  10. 808shadow

    Wanted CB200 or CB175 Exhaust

    As the title says I'm lookin for some CB200 or 175 exhaust, I bought mine without. Headers are fine too as I might change out the mufflers anyway. :D
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