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  1. chucky1970cb100

    1983 Honda v45 sabre.

    Posting for my brother in law. 1983 Honda v45 sabre. 46000 miles. Needs a good cleaning. Runs great. Located in Janesville Wisconsin. Sent from my SM-J320R4 using DO THE TON mobile app
  2. chucky1970cb100

    Vintage Honda tank?

    Not sure what it is off of. Badges say Honda 150. This was acquired with the other 2 bikes I recently purchased. I think it might be from late 60s Honda dream. It does have some surface rust and dings and dents and badges are not good. The patina looks good on it. Chrome sides actually cleaned...
  3. chucky1970cb100


    Just joined the forum. Hoping for some good tips and tricks. What I have is a true barn find. It is a 1970 cb100 been sitting for what I was told 20 plus years. It is missing some parts which I have been having some trouble finding. My plans are full restoration. It took several days but it is...
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