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  1. Hobes

    City Bruiser update 2

    Saturday just past, she got passed for the blue slip. yippeee. 14 months of blood sweat and tears, has paid off. Now to raise the finances to get her registered. see ya on the black top...
  2. Hobes

    City Bruiser update 2

    Just updated the original post. Thanks for looking...
  3. Hobes

    Bruiser pt3

    Just a quick update on the beast. yesterday was a momentous occasion.....I got to ride her for the first time......99% done, a front guard, a rebleed of the rear brakes...
  4. Hobes

    City Bruiser update 2

    Brodie. yeah cheers ol son, i have installed new K&N pods, oval shaped. they not only look good but i see a big difference. i have also changed jets to suit. The pipes have now got a 6 inch baffle inserted to just after the bend and before the turn outs. will be re stripping the whole shebang...
  5. Hobes

    front master cylinders

    ok, to keep with the local laws here, and besides my likings of twin frnt discs, I am looking for some ol skool master cylinders for the bars. I see shyte loads on evilbay, from china, hong kong. I know the old saying , you get what you pay for, but has anyone here bought some stuff off eb and...
  6. Hobes


    So here's the thing. I am chasing a Z650 clutch housing cover, along with all the bits for the kick starter. to suit the early 80's models. 4cyl type. if anyone has some parts, please let me know.
  7. Hobes

    rev hang up

    this forum is so good, no sooner do i post then i get the answers anyways, thinking out loud helps.... its running lean,
  8. Hobes

    City Bruiser update 2

    still got a bit to go, at least she runs..
  9. Hobes

    rev hang up ok guru's, this is what is happening, what in your opinion would cause this. lets start, full clean and rebuild of carbs, 2 sizes over mains, 1 size over pilot, needle raised 1 notch, pilot screws set at 2.5 turns out. throttle cable lubes and return checked, so no...
  10. Hobes

    CV carbs and pod filters

    as i am only new to this CV carb thing, i have guessed that emgo or the cheapy versions of pods area NO GO. i have however just bought some K&N filters. i have re jetted mains to 2 over and pilot to 1 over as per my research. is there anything else i need to be aware of. obviously, i need to...
  11. Hobes

    ** The official DTT REGIONAL COLOURS**

    No i haven't as of yet. Still i dont own a cafe racer,I would be after a Bobber one, even if it just say do the ton.
  12. Hobes

    ** The official DTT REGIONAL COLOURS**

    problem is I never heard back from anyone. ??? just assumed all gone..???
  13. Hobes

    Single Cylinder Ironhead Sportster

    Man, i have seen some mods before, but this, this is something else. I will be watching in awe as this progresses. Many KUDO's to ya. ;)
  14. Hobes

    ** The official DTT REGIONAL COLOURS**

    Just doin some light reading, here, but do we have one for the Down under boys, I'm not real good with puters and design stuff, but if one of you local boys could come up with one for down here and us bobber boys that'd be good
  15. Hobes

    Help Please

    re set the floats heights, to 20.5mm, checked the fuel levels, looks good enough for me.
  16. Hobes

    valve cover bolts

    yep sorry, i just re read the first post. i was going off the ones with oil holes..
  17. Hobes

    valve cover bolts

    looking at the pics, id say 10mm, x1.0 pitch. You can buy kits in that size for around 35 dollars here in Sydney. my 6mmx1.0 cost me 24.95 AUD of course.
  18. Hobes

    NEW MEMBERS - Read this - I'm sorry, but c'mon people.

    First point, Dont stress, it will kill you! People have opinions, they're like a holes, everyone has one... Second point, Dont expect to be spoon fed, you have to crawl, walk and then run, sometimes we fall over, get back up and keep going. You will never learn otherwise. Third point, you were...
  19. Hobes

    valve cover bolts

    yep, found that out when stripping down my Z750 head, had to helicoil 7 stripped threads, 3 separate cam caps and 4 cam cover holes. also 1 stripped chain tensioner bolt. Luckily an easy job, all were found with the motor out of the frame.
  20. Hobes

    Motorcycle Carburetor Theory 101

    should have read this before posting my Please Help me. Despite all my own research i still now know a lot more on BS34 and carbies in general. Credit due to where it is due.
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