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  1. boingk

    Long time no see!

    Hey guys, I'm back on the net after a fair while absent. I've been dropping back every now and then to check on stuff but time has really been too busy to contribute much of interest. I'm still looking for a replacement for that badass-looking GS850 I had, and have now increased the stable to...
  2. boingk

    Trade an '88 CBR1000F for an '82 GS1100GK? Help!

    Hey guys, back into the game again after 7 bikes in three years plus a few tiddlers. The current stable amounts to an '00 VTR1000F / SuperHawk, '97 XR600R and an '88 CBR1000F. The VTR basically replaced the CBR as its a better sportsbike, better sports tourer and generally easier/better to live...
  3. boingk

    Anyone else see a decent cafe/bobber base in this?

    Have been looking at getting a light cruiser type bike for a while with a view to use it as the eventual base for a cafe/bobber build. The new Honda VT750S fits the bill and is pretty cheap as well, for a new bike anyway. What do you guys reckon? \ Cheers - boingk
  4. boingk

    Horn-looking Kwaka Triple

    Saw this on and thought you guys would like it: Its got that dark look that I really like in a bike, plus its a stroker... and has post-apocalyptic style headlights! Whats not to like? Cheers - boingk
  5. boingk

    1988 CBR1000F Coolant Leak

    Hi guys, I'v recently bought an '88 CBR1000F and its leaking coolant from the overflow once warm. On inspection, its got a tight-fitting reserviour cap and a vent/overflow tube that goes right to the bottom of the reserviour. My theory is that as the system heats up it pressurises and the...
  6. boingk

    I'm back...

    Hey guys, hows it going? Good to be back on the boards. For those that don't remember, I lost my licence earlier in the year. Since then I've been working at a bar and saving for a trip on my XR600R around the country. Its been more or less put into storage, with new oil/filters etc and only...
  7. boingk

    Ever noticed that you're REALLY into Spongebob? (NSFW)

    HA! - boingk
  8. boingk

    RC model airplanes - anyone into them? [Batteries showed up... f*** yeah!]

    Hey guys. With the impending loss of my licence as of this Thursday afternoon (daaay-am!) I'm thinking of dropping a bit of cash on something I've always been interested in ever since I was a kid: remote control model airplanes. I mean, I gotta do SOMETHING on a weekend right? I was thinking...
  9. boingk

    Seriously awesome CB100

    Just saw this on Australian eBay and thought I wouldn't be the only one to be impressed: Is that nice or what? Cheers - boingk
  10. boingk

    Regional slang thread

    Pulled from the Archery thread as I thought it was interesting. Feel free to post up any widely used regional dialect here, of any nationality. Nothing massively racist or otherwise vile, though. The following is some Australian slang: Stubbies: Otherwise known as football or gym shorts, they...
  11. boingk

    Anyone into archery? [Pics of new bow up]

    So.. yeah, anyone into archery? Always thought it'd be cool to get into and have just ordered a 68" 60lb hickory flatbow, traditional style. The next step will obviously be to get some arrows. The local place has a good range of Redzone stuff and I'm thinking about getting either their wooden...
  12. boingk

    Classic Ride Pictures (NSW, Australia)

    Righteo guys. Took a few pictures from a classic ride I was on over the weekend. Though you'd like some of the bikes they had there - everything from the belt-drive, pedal-start, side-valve singles from the 10's and 20's, all the way up to 'Modern Classics' (everything made after 1980). Here we...
  13. boingk

    Boingk's XR600 - 'Outer Limits'

    Hey guys, I found that big single I was looking for: Well, thats her. Not the cleanest thing around but it came with 17,000km on the clocks and a few months of road registration so I'm happy. Also on the 'comes with' list are new Pirelli MT21 front & rear tyres (rear not fitted yet), a long...
  14. boingk

    Boingk's Honda XR600

    Picking this thing up on Saturday in preparation for my 'Around Australia' trip next year sometime. I'll detail the build here if you guys want, but joined as they've got a killer archive of very specific information. Meanwhile I'll leave you with some eBay pictures... I'm...
  15. boingk

    Falcon Motorcycles Strikes Again

    Stumbled across this while surfing the 'tube. Though you guys might like it if you havent seen it already: Falcon Motorcycles Kestrel: Gone in 50 seconds The Kestrel by Falcon Motorcycles Cheers - boingk
  16. boingk

    Get a load of this guy!

    Bloody funny... especially at the end. Thought you guys'd get a laugh out of it ;D Burnout inside McDonalds with a Harley Davidson Cheers- boingk
  17. boingk

    Mikuni CV carburettor question (technical)

    Righteo, this is aimed more at the technical gurus out there. I'm working on my GSX-1100 at the moment, having just fitted pods & rejetted to suit. I'm almost where I want to be, just need to raise the needles one spot. The thing is, they're irritating to get out and a bloody nightmare to put...
  18. boingk

    So I was down at the local dealer today...

    ...and I was struck by the appearance of the new Honda VT750S they had on the showroom floor: Web Link to Honda I know its taking a direct shot at HD's Sportster range, and that it is 'just a Honda', but I still reckon it looks pretty neat. Looks like its running a smaller version of the...
  19. boingk

    '74 Kawasaki G4TR/KE100 - Seized Transmission

    Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with the little Kwaka 100 2T's, as mine has seized its transmission and isn't happy. Other than that the bike is fine. Ideally I'd like to get it onto the road, but first things first. So, anyone got any idea of how to tackle this...
  20. boingk

    Inner carb boot diameter needed for Mikuni BS36SS (GSX-1100EF)

    I'm going to get individual 'pod' filters for my '84 GSX-1100EF. I use it as my sole method of transport at the moment, and don't want to have to take the tank/airbox/boots etc off unless I'm fitting pods and then mainjets. So.... Does anyone know the diameter of the carb mouths? If you do it'd...
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