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  1. rock2d2

    Bike locks? What do you use?

    Most of us don't have room for a large bike lock so I'm wondering what you use when space is at a premium (as is security).
  2. rock2d2

    CL/CB 350 RH control swithces

    I'm tired of my super sensitive kill switch. I need a replacement RH switch. Kill switch, Headlights, starter (even though I don't have one).
  3. rock2d2

    New Bonneville vs 2010 Bonneville T100

    Happy days. Finally my new toy purchased is approved. Was looking at a Bonneville for sure. There are very few used around here, so I thought I was going to have to buy new. Just found a used 2010 T100 though, and I'm curious about the difference between a stock Bonne and a Bonne T100...
  4. rock2d2

    "over-rev" at about 6200 rpm

    I'm going to try to explain this as best I can, but I can't promise my lack of correct terminology won't make it more confusing. 72 CL350 running Motul 10/40 (normal, non synth) she runs pretty good, starts first kick, etc. At high rpms (doesn't seem to matter what gears) after about 6200 rpm...
  5. rock2d2

    69 cb 750 named motorcycle of the century

    Link to article
  6. rock2d2

    CL 350 clunky start in first, surging, sticky brake

    Had tk-421 out today after getting a new seat cushion and replacing the old levers. She was acting up though. Starting from a dead stop she was "clunky" (sometimes an audible thunk). This was for faster starts. A sloooow smooth start didn't seem to give the problem. Suggestions? Then at about...
  7. rock2d2

    "Bolt on Thread" 72 CL350 -- "TK-421"

    High time I start a bolt on thread. Got tons of parts in and remembered to take photos intermittently. The state which I got "TK-421" Starting disassembly to replace bars, grips, cables, gauges, petcock, fuel lines. The way the fuel lines were ran before. Notice the stopper on where the...
  8. rock2d2

    petcock help....maybe?

    Just got my new petcock and and I'm installing it. PO had the carbs ran from the fuel tanks leveling vents on the bottom directly into the carbs. It worked, but not pretty. Ordered an NOS petcock from fleabay and I'm installing it. Seems a bit....big? No matter the orientation I either...
  9. rock2d2

    Author Ray Bradbury dies at 91

    Wow. I know it happened yesterday, but I was completely unaware. I recently re-read his "Farenheit 451" and found it even more gripping than I did in High School. He had a style that surpassed many fiction and sc-fi writers. While 451 was similar in plot to Huxleys "Brave New World" and...
  10. rock2d2

    Vegas members???

    I've seen a few posts and the member maps so I know people from Vegas are signed up here on DTT. You guys interested in supporting the club locally, or even just bloody riding? Fer chrisakes there are scooter clubs and bicycle clubs, we gotta make sure the Rockers are duly represented. PM me...
  11. rock2d2

    Tail light funkyness on 72 cl350

    So my tail light is functional in the basic sense of the word. On depress of the rear brake it lights right up. Clean smooth bright, no problem. When I depress the front brake lever the light doesn't come on until I'm ALL the way in the brake. As the majority of real stopping is done with...
  12. rock2d2

    Difference between LED and incandescent in tail lights?

    I'm looking at a teardrop shape for a tail light. They're cool, and easy to mount. I've found two that are the right size and shape (google and other people seem to be confused on what "teardrop" means". 1) This one is from DCC and appears to operate on an old bulb. I think I want LED for...
  13. rock2d2

    This seat? What's wrong?

    Just found this seat on ebay. Holding the "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is" adage at only $55 what is WRONG with this? It's for my 72 cl350.
  14. rock2d2

    New member from Vegas.

    Is this the part where I say that I've been lurking forever and I've finally gotten my feet wet? Yea, that's whats happening. I recently picked up a 72 CL350 Scrambler in pretty good working order. PO did some cleaning of tabs (obviously not all) from the frame, rebuilt carbs and...
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