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    Turn signals not flashing

    I've almost completed my electrical installation, all the lights on my new speedo are working correctly & everything else has gone according to plan. The wiring harness is completely stock, the main change is the turn signals are new. I've read previously that the stock flasher units won't flash...
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    What's first, clean the inside or paint strip the out side

    I'm going to have a go at the electrolysis method to clean the inside of my tank. I also need to paint strip the exterior ready for repainting. I can't decide which to do first, I'm leaning towards paint strip the outside first, then clean the inside, that way if a few spots of rust reappear on...
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    Gear shift arm length?

    True or false? 1. The ideal length for the gear shift arm (stock part cut down) is the same length as the short rear set arm from pivot point to pivot point. 2. The cut down gear shift arm should always be parallel to the short rear set arm.
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    Pre-load or heavier oil?

    I am lowering my forks by 50mm, cutting 50mm off the spring & adding a spacer to the damper piston. I know all the ins & outs of this issue -changes the trail & head angle & could effect the handling etc. If anything it may 'quicken' the steering which actually I'm quite happy about as 95% of my...
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    KZ 305 ring set - discontinued

    Hi, this issue has got me a little stressed out. Living at the last stop before Antarctica doesn't help either! I've left the engine work on my bike to my local Kawasaki mechanic, and we're trying to get our hands on 2 sets of rings, part number 13008-1008. There is 1 set left on ebay (the...
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    'Hamasaki' formerly known as the '82 KZ305 cafe racer - first build

    I never knew what a cafe racer was until about 3 weeks ago. I love they way they look so thought I'd have a crack at a new daily rider to replace my Vespa px 150. I don't even have the bike yet so my 'plan' is based on much internet research. As it's a first build & I will be developing & honing...
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi, I'm about to embark on my first Cafe Racer project. I've bought a '82 Kawasaki KZ305csr belt drive. I'm not sure I'll get the ton out of it when it's finished but it should be solid enough for a first project. So far I'm really enjoying sinking myself into this project. I have the design...
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