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  1. taggat

    DTT Dirty South patch- any interest?

    What a great patch! Thanks!
  2. taggat

    DTT Dirty South patch- any interest?

    Two Please
  3. taggat

    Meltdown 2016: Camp. Drink. Eat. Ride.

    Was great to meet a few of you and I hope you all had a blast!
  4. taggat

    CHAMPION Racing Frame/Swingarm & Extras - SOLD

    Re: CHAMPION Racing Frame/Swingarm & Extras That's an awesome piece of history right there!
  5. taggat

    1979 Honda cb650z cafe build

    I like it and congratz on the baby!
  6. taggat

    PSA - Rutting Period

    The rutting season is here and they're so drunk on sex that those damn deer are not trying to avoid you. You guys be safe out there riding into work in the mornings.
  7. taggat

    '78 CB750f Super Sport Tank - SOLD

  8. taggat

    1978 cb550 engine/motor parting CB550e-2114222

    Still have parts... for now! ;)
  9. taggat

    1978 cb550 Motor/Engine Parting CB550e-2112752

    Still have the stuff for now! ;)
  10. taggat

    cb550, cb750, gs850, xj1100 Parts and Projects - $100 (Anderson, Indiana)

    For sale: 74 tx500, missing front end, no title, locked up motor, have side covers, nice rear wheel and tank. 75-78 Cb550 motors, two of them minus one head in pieces. Cb550 clutches, starters, engine covers, etc. Cb550 titled neck. Misc xs650 stuff, like coils, covers, engine cases, head...
  11. taggat


    Looking for a clean on the inside early 80's kawasaki csr 250 gas tank. Let me know how much shipped to 46011 with pictures please! Thanks
  12. taggat

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Make sure its the non TCS model! ;)
  13. taggat

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    2012 DL1000, used for $6200 bucks with 6500 miles. I didn't think I would like it but after test riding it, the handling and power are phenomenal with great fuel consumption of 45+mpg.
  14. taggat

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Traded in and got this lovely bike yesterday! Veeeee
  15. taggat


    If you have a complete CB450 Top End sitting around I want it for my cm400 goat trail camper. Pistons with rings and cir clips. The jug, where the pistons slide up and down in. The head with those valve things with preferably good exhaust studs. Valve cover Thanks!
  16. taggat

    Selling my XS650's front drum setup - it's freakin awesome!

    So... damn... sexy... :o
  17. taggat

    1982 Honda CB900F Supersport - $2200 obo - Anderson, In.

    Selling my 1982 Honda CB900F Supersport. $2200 obo and cash and trade or trade? Fully Serviced and ready to go. This year it got some needed love and now has new Shinko Roadmaster 230's front and rear, Sumo moto brake pads, earl's stainless brake lines up front, rebuilt calipers, cb1000...
  18. taggat

    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    No doubt, I've seen some premature accidents. I bet its pretty common. 8)
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