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  1. Big R

    GR650......starting over for the last time

    I feel like I can't just keep adding to the last thread so I'm starting over here. I won't be going into the history of everything I've done (maybe a link or two when it's pertinent) so this will be like starting from scratch on a bike that I know very well. But here is a link to the last thread...
  2. Big R

    19" and 18" inner tubes

    No pictures (if you need pictures of inner tubes.......) but these are brand new, never installed Kenda inner tubes. One will fit a 100/90-19" tire, and the other fits a 100/90-18" tire. Bought them from and they are the "heavy duty" inner tubes. How does $30 shipped to the lower...
  3. Big R

    Advice on steering dampers?

    After a good trip on my GS450 last week, I'm thinking I may benefit from adding a steering damper. Now, before anybody says "Check your bearings / tires / suspension / etc...... a damper only hides a problem......" or whatever else, I firmly believe that my bike doesn't NEED one to be ridden...
  4. Big R

    37mm clipons

    I bought these and bolted them up, but then decided to go in a different direction. While I don't have any decent pics, here's a link to the eBay store I got them from...
  5. Big R

    Hey, i know that guy........

    Scroll all the way down (until it's pushed out of the current list): Congrats Stroker. She's a real beauty.
  6. Big R

    Suzuki wheels (mostly GS stuff)

    Prices to yet be determined, but all these need to go. I'll offer what details I have, but don't hesitate to ask questions as well. GR650 rear spoke hub Standard GS 1.85"x19" wheel (rotors & tire not included unless specified - tire is a Shinko w/ 4k miles on it). Won't be removed for a month...
  7. Big R

    Who needs rearsets for a GR650?...... sold

    I know, I market. But these are what I ran for 2 season with no issues. The mounting points on the back side are offset so they will bolt right on, but I had washers spacing them out to where I wanted them. Right now I'm planning on holding on to the threaded rod for the...
  8. Big R

    School me on ram air induction?

    Let me start out by saying: I have been reading into this a lot lately from various sources online. And I am NOT expecting some kind of neck snapping top end power boost. So what do the great minds of DTT think? I'll be running a larger-than-stock air box, full or half fairing with appropriate...
  9. Big R

    35mm Tarozzi low rise clip ons

    I don't have a picture of them since they are still mounted to a bike, but here is the link to FFTP : Used for 2 seasons, in good shape but drilled to run wiring through them. $100 +shipping.
  10. Big R

    Wtb - Stock Honda signals

    I've got another project in mind, and I'm looking for some crusty old CB signals (stalk, housing, and lenses preferably). The cheaper the better, but not looking for a hand out. I only need about 6. Thanks folks!
  11. Big R

    More garage cleanup......

    Trying to freshen up the old thread is a little tough. So here's a new thread with new parts / what's left over. As always, call dibs here and pm me, and all prices are plus shipping. Pretty specific market, I know. But here's a rear hub for a Suzuki GR650. $30
  12. Big R

    Garage cleanup - misc stuff for sale

    My garage is getting WAY too cluttered and this stuff needs to go. If there is something you want, call dibs here then pm me. I'm more than willing to give more details / pics of anything upon request. All prices are whatever plus shipping. Goldwing rear hub with spokes (17" hoop is long gone)...
  13. Big R

    Anybody know anything about a 1985 Vulcan?

    It's not for me btw. But a friend of mine is looking at one. Any weird quirks / motor problems that he should be aware of? Thanks in advance folks!
  14. Big R

    What goes into the GVWR on a bike?

    And is there a way to bump it up a little? From what I've read, motorcycle manufacturers figure the GVWR before the frame is even welded together. Factors like dry weight/curb weight are obviously figured in, along with suspension, tires, and brakes. But if the suspension, tires, and brakes are...
  15. Big R

    GS450 "Sport" - Done!

    Ok, another project. I've wanted a 450 for a while now for a couple reasons - plenty of parts around, everything's fairly cheap, good compatibility, etc., and I happened to see this one on Craigslist. There was no picture in the ad, and the guy was asking only $250 so I figured it was going to...
  16. Big R

    Need some assistance making a 2-up seat.

    Actually, not so much a "2 up" seat as to one that can handle some weight on the rear. Here's the scoop: I bought a larger tank for my GR so that I can do any light touring that may come up. My current fiberglass seat is holding me up just fine, but some lightly loaded soft saddlebags are...
  17. Big R

    Going to Barber's in October? If you're near PA, check this .....

    I want to start this thread since we will probably have a pretty decent sized group. And we all know we need some organizing skills......... Personally, I'm off from October 10th to the 21st. I believe we will be using my truck to haul a trailer down. So who all is going to be in the caravan...
  18. Big R

    CB450 tank

    Somebody painted it with (poorly) with some black paint, but I would think it would come off pretty easily. Obviously, no thumb latch or petcock, and it does have a few smaller dents. The inside is pretty clean - no visible rust but it does have some dirt in there. $60 shipped to the lower 48.
  19. Big R

    CB500 / 550F tank

    Just realized I'll probably never use this. It's actually a 500F tank, but I'm pretty sure it will fit a 550F or maybe an early 750F too. Surprisingly clean inside, and no petcock. How does $100 shipped to the lower 48 sound?
  20. Big R

    Idle screw for VM34 carb

    Somehow, my idle screw rattled out of carb. So THAT's why I've been having such a hard time trying to start the bike......... I believe they used the same idle screw on the VM32's and the VM36's, but I could be wrong. So if anybody happens to have an extra one around, I would greatly appreciate it.
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