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    A few photos from Barber 2016

    mum's the word on that one Justin!
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    Rust Revival Spring Thaw 2015 - Official Thread

    Logan and Amanda, thanks again for a great time. glad to meet everybody and hope to see Y'ALL soon. Greg we almost made it home 'till doug-dave decided to fart around a bit and break his throttle cable 30 miles from home. can't take that guy anywhere!
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    What's going on now over at Ichiban Moto ?

    Re: Ichiban Moto : Yamaha 500 cafe racer build I don't know what you're waiting for on the carb, that blue tape and some JB Weld can form a real nice float bowl and get that thing fired up! i've been watching your vid's and i think with your skills, you could fab up your own in no time!
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    Honda CB/CL 350 Engine Reassembly Tricks

    my best advice, Go Slowly, and think about what you're doing. make sure things are clean and free. this helps prevent cross threading and don't put a tool on a nut or bolt before fingers get it to go on first. get all the torque settings printed out nice an big on paper and have them handy...
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    Help with CL350 Starting Issues (everyone's favorite!)

    i'm very curious as to the "noise they heard" comment and therefore the changing of gaskets.?..... need more clarification too.....ran then died right? but would start once in a while? enough for garage to hear something? yeah? revs to 5000 but not past? have you done that and then pulled...
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    CL350 Jetting Question

    very true...i believe i assumed original equipment, but who knows what the OP has in his box!
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    CL350 Jetting Question

    #105 secondary and i think #70 or maybe it's #68 for primary main........check the manual....if that's what you've got in your box of goodies i'de just clean em up and maybe order new rubber gaskets.....the jets are only 2 bucks a piece new so either way you'll be good.
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    Pgh Area Club House

    so when's the "Grand Opening/ Open House / Meet the Neighbors" party?.....and don't say a tuesday! ;-)
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    Honda cb350 CV carb issues

    at 50 mph. mine sounds like your dragging a knight in shining armor down the street by his nuts! but seriously, there is a lot of valve noise in these guys and i've adjusted all over the place even pushing the limit of the required clearances to see what would happen and still not a lot of...
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    Honda cb350 CV carb issues

    sorry, but you're on your own there....even tho mine hadn't been run in 17 years, i knew it ran when parked so i never touched that worked before, it'll work again and for once that minimalist approach worked out for me. you don't need to listen to me, but i'd say one thing at a time...
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    Honda cb350 CV carb issues

    hmm...the "idle at 1100" make me question my fix a little......does the throttle grip snap back home with ease,lube? while putting the tank back on maybe twisted the split cable shortening one side and lengthening the other ......if throttle grip snaps back easily, check and see if the idle...
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    Honda cb350 CV carb issues

    your problem stems from the throttle cable adjusters between the or both is screwed out too far simulating a slightly twisted throttle......if one is out further than the other the engine will rev creating a vacuum that will ultimately pull the other carb into play and increase the...
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    Two Wheel Tuesdays - Pittsburgh (a reboot to bike night)

    i got wet, but did get to ride through an amazing light show just before the clouds opened that point it was "accept my fate."
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    Honda CB's and their mileage

    jump in with both feet! the 350's are cheap....they're easy to work on even if at times they do the weirdest things. i got mine for free hadn't been run in 17 years tank full of old rust gas, carbs gummed with the same crap. i pulled the carbs tore them apart cleaned everything out put them back...
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    Cb350 twin idle problem

    are both pipes getting hot? does one get hotter quicker than the other? my cl350 lately gets hot on the left and the right gets hot slower and has a rough idle and does what yours is doing....... i don't have the answer but here's what i'm looking into.... cleaning points and checking right...
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    Two Wheel Tuesdays - Pittsburgh (a reboot to bike night)

    it was a painfully slow morning.....maybe my bill was correct, feels like it! pops miyagi
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    Two Wheel Tuesdays - Pittsburgh (a reboot to bike night)

    hey, i didn't get a sticker for showing up.....i coulda used it to hold my honda emblem on the tank instead of the blue tape(though i like the blue tape very much)
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    Two Wheel Tuesdays - Pittsburgh (a reboot to bike night)

    me too even with the rain!
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    Two Wheel Tuesdays - Pittsburgh (a reboot to bike night)

    i'm in, sorry to hear most can't make it....dougdave...are you in?
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    Parting out a complete 1972 honda cl 350 scrambler

    Re: 1972 honda cl 350 scrambler .....and this if you'd even consider packing and shipping out here to western pa.... greg
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