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    modified, aftermarket, or custom. nothing is safe (78 KZ1000)

    Just read the entire post...what an awesome build! Can you fill me in on the seat latch that you used? Thank ya much. Jens
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    Suzuki GSX400 Four Cafe racer with USD fork and monoshock

    Bike is looking the black ano'd pieces.
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    Squirley's CB750 build

    Hello all, It has been a while since i posted here, but thought that i would add a few pictures of the cb750 build I just went through. Here's a little bit of a story, but unfortunately, thanks to imageshack, most of the build pics over the last few years are no longer available. Life...
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    Kawasaki FBG/Tracy h2b!!

    Drewski, I am digging the zrx swingarm! If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me the pivot tube width and bolt diameter? Also what is the rear axle diameter? Any special machining for the Kawi chassis? Looking forward to more updates! Jens
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    Norton / Harley Ironhead Cafe Project.. Build thread

    This is looking great! Where did you pick up the stainless push button from?
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    project "Vaseline" Squirley's cb 550 build

    Reviving an old thread... After being completed a few years ago, its time to give the 550 a little attention. I picked up some Works Performance shocks with ideal spring rates so I am starting with a new swingarm and shock mounts. Plan is to redo some of the tail section as well this summer...
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    Squirley's Kawi H1 build thread

    Haha, I should have said the video clip was going to be loud! Most of the the work on my last two bikes was done in my small garage...a 4.5" grinder is a mans best friend! Finally have put a legitimate shop together, so I'm looking forward to making some high quality parts in my spare time...
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    You guys are awesome! Thank you to everyone once again for the support and wisdom on this board. I am honored to have been chosen out of some truly nice builds! Jens
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    Flying J CB550 Atomic #13 DONE! Vote at BOTM

    Re: Flying J CB550 Atomic #13 Fired up Haven't seen this build for a while....WOW is all I can say, that looks absolutely amazing sir.
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    new cafe build cb450

    I want to see more NOW!
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    71' CB750 Golden

    I'm digging the color and angles of the pipes! Where'd you find the battery cell? Have you tried/heard anything about its performance?
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    Squirley's Kawi H1 build thread

    Man! I feel like I looked long and hard for a simple handlebar choke setup and I didn't find a thing! Guess I didn't look hard enough. I ended up just using the single carb pull levers and am currently making an activation bar that will tie them all together and turn them on in one movement...
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    All of you have been a great help and valuable resource! Here are a couple pics in its "completed form"....for now haha
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    Squirley's Kawi H1 build thread

    No long ride reports yet, I have only cruised it around the block...little at a time haha. Here are some finished pictures and thanks for the nominations for BOTM! Jens
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    Squirley's Kawi H1 build thread

    cobraace2 Thanks for the heads up! Gladly accepted, guess I need to put up some finished pictures. Thanks Jens
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    Guys, I gladly accept!!!! Thank you for the nominations. Let me put up some pictures that show the finished product. Thanks again Jens
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    My Suzi T500 Project *It's Alive Video*

    Re: My Suzi T500 Project (exhausting!) John, Those cones are looking great! That's alot of work!
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    Honda CB 360 - Keiryō Café Racer Project

    I love me some nitride!!!!!
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    Squirley's Kawi H1 build thread

    Thanks! Yeah no MJ in this video haha... looks like i need to upgrade the potato I use for filming though....
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    Squirley's Kawi H1 build thread

    I have got to do something about that damn squeeky shock! Here is is on all three, need to get the idle down D1sLQrXRrPM
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