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    '74 CB360 project

    Found this dusty and rusty CB360 with only 1,500 miles on it. It had ape hanger bars, extended forks and open pipes. However, it had good compression and little deep rust, so off I went. Tore it down to rebuild as a cafe racer. The idea was to get it as light as possible - ditch all...
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    Anyone know a good painter in the Chicago area?

    I haven't used a painter before, but would like to send my tank and seat cowl out for a real, gas-resistant, automotive paintjob. Can anyone recommend a painter in the Chicago area? Thanks!
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    Nighthawk 250 cafe build

    Here's a build I recently finished and sold. I'd always thought the Honda Nighthawk 250 has a classic configuration and would make a good cafe racer, especially for a young rider. I also wanted to try the new Chinese tanks and seats that are so inexpensive on eBay. The Nighthawk 250 is a...
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