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    cb350 wheels

    anyone have complete cb350t front a rear wheels? rims? that are in good condition? Please let me know.
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    cb350 rim

    i have for sale two cb350 rims made from mikesxs. 2.15x18 36 spoke shouldered rims. it will just come with rims, no hubs or spokes. it has a slight knick in it. if you know how to deal with rims its a great deal. trying to get it off for 50 + shipping for dotheton members or i want to...
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    cb350 carbs

    does anyone have a set of cb350 carbs for sale please? a working one would be preferred if not thats okay too.
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    Wtb cb350 tank

    Want to buy cb350 tank like this
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    mike xs rims question

    Hey guys, I plan on purchasing mikes xs rims H 2.15x18 36 spoke shouldered aluminum motorcycle rim Black Part # 34-3182. The only problem is I'm not sure which spokes to buy. I emailed customer service about this and they replied, "The rim that you ordered will work on your Honda CB350, but...
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    bought! now a project!

    i have a question about buying a cb350t!! so i found a ad on craigslist that was asking for a cb350t he was asking 1500 initially but i lowered him down to 480 because when i went there the bike was not running. so the things i noticed when i went to check the bike out. 1. the bike had some...
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