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  1. overdraft

    parts list for old Hondas?

    Hi! Anyone know where I can find a pre-1980 Honda parts list online anymore? Until recently you could get the parts lists for the older models from any old honda dealer website, but now the lists all seem to stop at 1980 for the ones I usually hit up... Thanks!
  2. overdraft

    will an XL350 tach work on a CB350 of similar vintage?

    I have a K2 CB350 with a tach needle that bounces badly and is otherwise not in great shape.... If I get an XL350 tach do you know if it will work? The redline appears to be different but I don't care about that... just looking for something that's in nicer shape that I can read... The threaded...
  3. overdraft

    CB350G 360 400F brake upgrade options?

    Hi all! I built a CB350 up ( ) and I swapped a 360 front end on to get the disc brake look I was after... So, it turns out, as has been discussed, that the early disc brakes SUCK! Originally I was going to twin the stock ones, but by the...
  4. overdraft

    CB350 Cam Chain Tensioner

    Hi! Just put my motor back together after a rebore... i got all the way to the top and then went to put the external part of cam chain tensioner on and the internal part looked flakey... the part of the roller frame that rides on the plunger was like way down at the bottom of the slot... looking...
  5. overdraft

    looking up online parts fiches... no worky!

    hey, i was going to one of my usual parts lookup sites to find part numbers for my CB350 and... no pictures! is anyone else having this issue? i tried several sites on my work computer and my phone and nothing comes up after i select year and model... other than the reverse parts lookup which is...
  6. overdraft

    engine assembly 911 - add sealer to head gasket?

    hi all! trying to put my CB350 together... do i use gasket goo as well as my shiny new head gasket? my manual seems to say so, but frankly i've found it to be pretty crappy and the honda on that you find online doesnt say anything... also the manual seems to want gasket goo on the base... so as...
  7. overdraft

    old style CB350 kickstart question

    the question is this... i have one of the older mystery kickstarts that doesnt appear in any of the shop manuals i can find... so im going by logic and a *gasp* parts diagram. so the parts diagram kind of shows a big washer on the outboard end of the shaft, next a circlip, then the return...
  8. overdraft

    CB350 Reassembly Tips?

    Hi all! I've blasted and painted my CB350 motor, bored to first over, bought all new cam drive components and got the cam reground and I'm ready to put it aaaall back together! Anyone who's done this job before have any helpful hints for me? Thanks for the input!
  9. overdraft

    Mikuni VM30 question that's NOT about jetting!

    Hey, what are you guys who are using Mikuni VM30's on non-race bikes doing with all those little puke tubes that are coming out of the carbs? i can't see how you would do an aesthetically pleasing job of running them all to a suitable drop zone, and leaving them all sticking out wherever like an...
  10. overdraft

    how pimp is this?

    insane... more pics
  11. overdraft

    blast media cleanup... walnuts or glass?

    i'm about to blast my motor prior to painting... any of you have any experience with cleaning the engine up after? clearly having blast media left inside the motor is a Bad Thing Indeed so i was wondering if it was easier to clean up walnut or glass? thanks!
  12. overdraft

    CB350 Exhaust Valve

    My exhaust valves are weirdly corroded looking... the seats are fine and there's no evidence of wear in the guides... just use them in spite of how weird looking they are?
  13. overdraft

    NOS wiring harness worth it?

    I found a NOS wiring harness for my 42 year old bike... would that be a worthwhile purchase? The bike was running (albeit not well) before I started 'improving' it. I don't mind spending some money to improve reliability but I have no idea whether this is likely to help... Thanks!
  14. overdraft

    Run or Replace? CB350 rockers...

    Got the engine apart and the cam in for a grind, but I notice that I have some pitting on my rockers... Do you think it would be OK to run them? And if not, what do I do about it? My cam guy says that the hardened part is probably too thin to grind and in any event he doesn't have a jig for...
  15. overdraft

    cb350 shift fork removal

    ya, i searched... i promise... maybe i suck as much at searching as i do at wrenching... so cb350 shift forks... you take the hairpins out, but how the hell do you get the pin underneath to come out? thanks for any hints!
  16. overdraft

    cb350 piston/cylinder clearance

    hey wise people... i bought a set of first over pistons for my cb350 and i'm about to sent the cylinders off to be bored out... is the clearance between cylinder and piston something the machine shop will know about based on the pistons (which i presume i should give to them for reference) or do...
  17. overdraft

    DTT CX500 café featured in Motocycle Mojo Magazine

    Just got the office copy of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine today and there's a huge 6 page article including a centerfold spread of a café CX500 with a DTT sticker on the tank... linky to the online version
  18. overdraft

    cb350 clutch removal conundrum...

    so my cheezy manual shows my primary drive gear and clutch gear as being a single gear on each of the shaft and clutch housing... well there are two on each so that's wrong... the ubiquitous online shop manual scan shows the two gear on each setup that i have, but is too vague to illustrate my...
  19. overdraft

    Mikuni VM30 vs Mikuni 28mm flatslides on a CB350

    I have an opportunity to pick up some Mikuni flatslides, but they're 28mm... the 'go to' upgrade for CB350's seems to be the 30mm roundslides. If I go with the flatslides in 28mm will I be undercarbed or will it still be an 'upgrade'?
  20. overdraft

    honda front brake master... tough to rebuild?

    Hi, I picked up an old Honda brake master that I was considering using, but it would need a rebuild... Has anyone done one of these and was it hard? and did it perform properly after? I've been looking for a compact modern master with a 14mm bore without much luck so I thought I'd try rebuilding...
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