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  1. hmenzies

    Is this what it is supposed to feel like?

    Hey all. I've recently completed a restoration of a 1974 CB550. I've put years and thousands of dollars into this bike. I finally got it rideable and finished a few months ago. But I am facing a huge problem. I don't enjoy riding it at all. Are vintage bikes supposed to be so slow to...
  2. hmenzies

    1994 fzr 600 should i buy?

    Hey guys. I'm going to look at a 1994 yamaha fzr600 tomorrow. Its an hour drive from me so I want to be pretty sure about it. It has 20,000 miles on it and the seller has told me that everything is working perfectly. It also has some pretty new tires on it. The only reservation I have is the...
  3. hmenzies

    Does this actually work? Drag pipes mod

    Hey guys. Do you think this mod actually works to make drag pipes perform better?
  4. hmenzies

    Mystery part! cb550

    I've done it! I have reassembled my bike and have a leftover part. Can anyone tell me what this is? sorry for the shitty picture.
  5. hmenzies

    anyone know this part?

    Can you guys help me out? What is this part? It is from a 74 cb550. Sorry for the shitty picture.
  6. hmenzies

    suzuki gt185 in texas if anyone is interested

    My dad and I were on our way back from looking at a cb900f in Fruitvale, Texas and saw a suzuki gt185 two stroker on the side of the road. We stopped and talked to the old guy who was selling it. He said he used to ride it around. He is selling it for $200 dollars and he thinks he has the title...
  7. hmenzies

    Going to look at CB900f in a couple days. advice?

    Hey guys. My dad and I are going to check out this 81 cb900f in a few days and have heard about their tendency to throw connecting rods. Do you guys think this is a good deal? What could be wrong with it? My dad would rather not get a bike that needs an engine overhaul...
  8. hmenzies

    powder Dallas Texas

    Anyone know of a good and affordable powdercoater in Dallas, Texas?
  9. hmenzies

    clear powder over polished metal?

    I'm polishing up my rims and engine cases to a near mirror finish. I would like to find some coating that sustains it and prevents rust without having to rebuff and wax a lot. I've heard about putting a clear powdercoat over polished surfaces? Has anyone tried this? Are you happy with the results?
  10. hmenzies

    moto polo

    Anyone up for some motorcycle polo!?
  11. hmenzies

    aftermarket swingarm bushings?

    I have a 74 cb550k that I need to replace the swingarm bushings on. I see sets on ebay like this These dont look like the stock system. The stock have a internal pivot bushing, felt ring, and pivot thrust...
  12. hmenzies

    first bike: 74 CB550 stocker project

    Hello all. I previously had this bike posted in the cafe racer section but I decided that I wanted a stocker instead! I bought this bike about 4 months ago and since then have put it on the back burner. Now that I've finished IB, graduated high school, and registered for college I can spend...
  13. hmenzies

    exhaust cb550

    anyone know a good quality aftermarket slip on exhaust for a '74 cb550k?
  14. hmenzies

    2 to 1 muffler

    anyone know where i can get an affordable 2 into 1 muffler?
  15. hmenzies

    carb synchronization

    Has anyone ordered the carb synchronization gauges from dimecity? Do you like them?
  16. hmenzies

    1981 cb650

    Do you guys think this is a good deal?
  17. hmenzies

    fuel line source

    Has anyone ordered any 5.5mm fuel line from this company? Is it a scam or a legitimate company?
  18. hmenzies

    best torque wrench?

    Can anyone suggest a good torque wrench for around $60?
  19. hmenzies

    CB550K Carbs

    Hi I'm looking for a rack of carburetors for a 1974 CB550K. The carbs are the ones stamped 022A so carbs from a 75 or 76 550K should be the same. PM me with offers! Thanks, Henry
  20. hmenzies

    carburetor bodies

    Does anyone know if the carburetor bodies on a 1973 cb500 are the same as on a 1974 cb550?
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