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    I found something else in the trash!!!

    As a proud member of the subterranean economy, I salute you, one bottom feeder to another!
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    High Zoot Pipe

    Apparently, from what I've read, it serves to remove a flat spot in the midrange. I'm anxious to find out!
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    High Zoot Pipe

    A few years ago, GM introduced a special order Corvette, the Diablo or some such. It featured a skull emblem: My buddy Kevan felt certain that Marvel Comics would sue the shit out of General Motors for trademark fuckery, since the emblem bears a resemblance to The Punisher's artwork: I...
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    American Chopper

    At first blush, I say, "Good riddance to bad rubbish." Their bikes are stupid, vastly overpriced, and barely functional as motorcycles. On the other hand, they did raise motorcycles in the public consciousness... so maybe more idiots in cars will notice us and not run us over?
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    turn signals? whats your opinion...

    You want statistics? What the fuck are you talking about?
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    turn signals? whats your opinion...

    You tell me.
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    turn signals? whats your opinion...

    Relying on hand signals is retarded. How many drivers today even know what those mean? It's also dumb to take your hand away from your handlebar so you can wave your arm around. You have much less control when you do that. My bike has two big ass brake lights that double as turn signals, and...
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    Hey, I'm in print! See page 11 ;-)
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    Freshening up...

    Thanks, RSN! What do y'all need with a tank? I thought Canadians were just friendly, unarmed Americans! :D Oh, and just to be technical, my bike was parked in front of a self-propelled artillery gun, not a tank.
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    Freshening up... There's more top end rush, but what really surprised me is that my beloved midrange is now enhanced! You can hear a bit of that top end rush kick in before the wind noise overwhelms the audio. I'll shoot...
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    Freshening up...

    I dropped a GPz intake cam in my KZ750. One of the things that's kept me from trying these GPz bumpsticks is that the exhaust cam doesn't have a tach drive gear. I scored an electric tach from a Spectre, but haven't gotten it to work yet. A friend of mine installed GPz550 cams in his cafed...
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    What does everyone do for their "real" job?

    I don't have a dedicated website, but here are a few shots of my own personal instruments with each one's story attached: Here's the amp I'm building currently: It's...
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    What does everyone do for their "real" job?

    I build custom guitars and amplifiers. We should talk... ;)
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    '82 cafe XV750

    I hate to be the one to tell you, but you've got it backward. Fat tires might look cool, but they're a parking lot upgrade, better suited to bar hopping than to corner bombing. Think about it: Increased mass = increased gyroscopic effect = increased resistance to turning in, and don't forget...
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    '82 cafe XV750

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out! Just a thought, actually a recommendation: Metzeler makes Lasertecs in 110/90-16 front and 120/90-16 rear. Skinny tires handle better, and Lasertecs feel great.
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    Build your own Blast Cabinet on the cheap!

    Well done, sir! That looks exactly like the sort of thing I might build!
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    1970 CB450 build - Now renamed "Piston Killer"

    Re: 1970 CB450 build Man, that bike is gonna be a real head-turner!
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    The Tortoise: cb350 -Now with metal flake

    Re: My cb350 project THAT'S HOT! ;)
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    Let's see your riding boots

    What are the odds that would fly off in a wreck? Socks don't provide much protection...
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    if your going to build a harley....

    They got it right with this one:
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