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  1. Tim

    CJ360 - what rearsets that wont need bent kicker?

    I used Tarozzi rearsets on my cafe with custom brackets I had made up (XS650). You'll likely find there aren't many bolt-on kits or if there are, they're expensive. What have you looked at so far? Bending the kicker isn't that big a deal, and if you can't do it at home a local shop could...
  2. Tim

    CB550K1 - that Gulf bike

    Nice to see the progress - thanks for keeping us updated!
  3. Tim

    To remove hub studs before Powder...or not??

    I think those bushings are trapped once the wheel is assembled to be honest - not sure what loctite would do aside from make it more difficult to press out in the future.
  4. Tim

    To remove hub studs before Powder...or not??

    Powdercoaters can mask areas - be it studs or threaded bosses etc. They use silicone 'corks' to keep material out of things like swingarm pivot holes etc. and can tape off threaded studs like this. You can also put nuts on those studs and back them off after. The bigger issue is all that...
  5. Tim

    Beachcomber's Tales from the day

    All the same to you TJ! Have a great one.
  6. Tim

    Interesting Video I came across

    I'd love to see the same sort of video from fuel tank manufacturing in other countries. I'm sure it's every bit as sketchy everywhere.
  7. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    This was and still is in the back of my mind. Another option I considered was running a cylinder tank on the rear fender which would allow for a gravity feed. And a steel jerry can 'pannier' with a pump was considered. But for the moment, I just want to push forward and get this thing 'done'...
  8. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    Yup. I could make a joke about needing the room, but it is what it is. Without a fully custom tank and seat setup, this is what fits. I have about 14 inches of backbone to work with. Can't go any longer than this tank - I need to confirm fork clearance when I get back into the garage one...
  9. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    Tank and bits arrived. Ordered the wrong fuel cap but the levers and petcocks are on-point. The curved backbone causes a bit of a headache - I'll need spacers to lift the tank up about 1/2 to 3/4 inch to clear the arch.
  10. Tim

    Wheel size

    More or less, but why do you need such a precise measurement? If your rim is around 19", it's a 19 inch rim. There are 17, 18, 19, 21, 23 inch rims typically, and 23 is a rare bird used mostly on early Honda XL250's. I've never encountered a 20 inch rim outside a BMX bike, or a 22. So odds...
  11. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    Doesn't look like much progress but the rear wheel/brakes/chain are dialled in, centred and spinning freely. Front wheel is close - the TT500 hub is missing a couple of bits for the speedo drive and I need to likely have some spacers made to centre it perfectly, but it's mounted and solid. If...
  12. Tim

    Mods to the Travel Trailer

    I'm hoping in the next year or two we start spending at least 2 months somewhere warm each year. Need to break up the Canadian winters.
  13. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    Some progress. Clutch all dialed in, wheel spacers, sprockets, chain lined up. Throttle and cables set up - working on the TM34 carbs. Need to do some fabrication work - tabs welded on for foot pegs, rear brake etc. and need some ideas for a gas tank.
  14. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    Figure I'll finish it, haul it to Barber 2023 and maybe sell it :P
  15. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    OK - I tried and tried to sell this project, with no luck which shocks me but so be it. The frame is up to USD$1600 from Voodoo Vintage these days which isn't much lower than the price I was asking for the full project. Anyhow - I'm digging back in and am nearly complete with the engine...
  16. Tim


    That is pretty awesome.
  17. IMG_4461.mp4


    Mid Ohio 2022 Barrel Racing 1
  18. Tim

    VJMC Custom & Modified show at Barber 2022

    Glad to see they've evolved - I can appreciate the position of purists who love a concourse restoration - I love original bikes and have restored a few. But it was militant back in the day and that put me off.
  19. Tim

    VJMC Custom & Modified show at Barber 2022

    Am I remembering correctly that way back in the day the VJMC actively shunned anything modified? It's one of the reasons DTT was launched - there wasn't much of a home for those of us willing and eager to take a grinder to a stock survivor CB550 or XS650 etc.
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