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    WTB: 2 CB550 intake valves

    As the title says.....looking for a couple intake valves for a CB550.
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    Lots of nice parts for sale

    Location? Interested in cam/tach drive. Do you have the CB650 tach as well?
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    WTB: cb650 tach drive and cb550 cam gear bolts

    I’m looking for a cb650 tach drive and cb550cam gear bolts. If someone has both that would be best to make shipping work out.
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    Cb650 SOHC tach Drive and tach

    Getting ready to put my big bore cb550 together and I’m doing a cb650 cam at the same time. I’m in need of a cb650 sohc tach Drive and tach
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    Machine work (cb550)

    I’m looking for somewhere to bore my jugs on my cb550. I’d like to keep it local (in the New England area)....if anyone knows any reputable shops please let me know as I’m trying to get them done ASAP.
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    Beware: Lossa engineering

    I’m positive, he emailed me from his personal email because his business email wasn’t working at the time of purchase. Since the claim he has contacted me, apologized for the run around, and is supposed to be shipping tomorrow as well as refunding me shipping charges. No matter which way you...
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    Beware: Lossa engineering

    Just to keep everyone who has posted in here up to date. All contact has been lost with Larossa, I haven’t heard from him since last Friday after multiple attempts to resolve the issue. I have opened a claim with PayPal as tomorrow marks 3 weeks since the order date with no update to tracking...
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    Beware: Lossa engineering

    I placed my order December 14, is it unreasonable to think that the parts would be shipped out before the holiday especially considering I was told the parts were in stock and ready to ship?
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    Beware: Lossa engineering

    Fingers crossed. My assumption was being busy during holidays but I made it pretty clear to him that I wasn’t in a mad rush I just wanted to be kept in the loop.
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    Beware: Lossa engineering

    Anyone here dealt with larossa before? I placed an order with him (just shy of $400) 2 weeks ago, at that time i was informed that the parts were in stock and ready to ship and I have yet to receive my items and/or receive tracking. I’ve sent him emails and got a couple responses this week...
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    WTB: front rotor, caliper, and mount for a cb550k

    As the title says, I’m looking for a front brake setup that’s reasonably priced to convert my cb550 to dual front discs. Any help is appreciated.
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    31mm clip ons

    Never mounted. $40 shipped
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    31mm clip ons (black)

    Brand new, never mounted. $60 shipped in the lower 48 via USPS.
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    FS: 1972 Suzuki gt380 (located in Rhode Island)

    Many many many new parts. (Tires, chain, sprockets, seat cover, for seals, bars, tapered bearings, low mileage engine [comes with spare which is a good core] ect...) I have most everything to complete the bike just no time due to other projects. I also have a set of expansion chambers which...
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    TW: thinking about selling my two bikes.

    Here's the chopper Here's the gt380 when I bought it and roughly where it stands now...
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    TW: thinking about selling my two bikes.

    First one is a one year bike, it's a 1972 Suzuki gt380 which is the only year that was produced with a front drum brake. I have every part to finish the bike except carbs and foot peg rubbers. (I have carbs but they aren't the best) I also have a complete spare engine for parts, the crank is...
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    Rearsets for GN125? Really need to know before I start.(pictures of bike)

    Cut the passenger peg brackets off the frame, shorten them to get the pegs where you want them, weld them back on, then build linkage. Pretty basic fabrication project.
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    What is this?

    Turn signal buzzer, it buzzes when either signal is on so you don't leave it on
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