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    1972 Yamaha DS7

    Re: My 1972 Yamaha DS7 Cafe Racer Awesome build man ! Really digging the seat. Where'd you get it ?
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    Swapping CB450 frame

    Hey, newbie with what I think is a fairly simple question. I've got a 1982 CB450t Hawk. I would like to replace the stock airbox with some pod filters, remove the side panels, move the battery and basically open up the middle. My problem is that the frame on my bike is not the ideal shape to...
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    CB450T Hawk gauges

    Excellent !! Thanks for the help
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    CB450T Hawk gauges

    Hey, I figure this is a super basic question cause I'm brain dead when it comes to bikes but I really wanna get my hands dirty. My question is this....I have an 82 450T with some HUGE gauges ..... the casing they sit in is just monstrous :o. I would like to put some chrome ones there to give a...
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