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    Looking for CB650 camshaft. (79-82)

    PM was sent on 23 Dec...haven't heard back from you. If you're serious about a CB650 cam, I have one I'm selling. If I don't hear back, I'll just put it on eBay...
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    Looking for CB650 camshaft. (79-82)

    PM sent...
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    best way to clean up rusted chrome?

    Going back decades, 0000 steel wool and Turtle Wax Chrome Polish has been my go-to for rusted chrome. Lots of products have been tried and abandoned, but good old, inexpensive Turtle Wax Chrome Polish is always on my shelf. For some problem areas (fittings, tight corners, etc) I've lightly...
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    Steampunk ???

    Real Steampunk. No glued-on gears here...
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    alternative photoshop programs

    Gimp, or even the free editing software that comes with Google's Picasa is pretty useful. Gimp, like Photoshop, does have a somewhat steep learning curve if you're going beyond basic photo editing. And...there's always Photoshop Elements, in its 12th iteration at this point...around $50...has...
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    Cafe Racer Music?

    That Danko Jones rocks!
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    Tools to Carry

    Heavy on the zip-ties (the handcuff sizes have multiple uses), and an old hotel passcard with windings of electrical tape and duct/gaffer tape...much less bulky than full rolls yet enough for on-the-road repairs. I also carry a roll of "self-vulcanizing" rescue tape...amazing stuff. This may...
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    "RATTLE CAN" BLING! ...everything is here!

    a "guide coat" of a contrasting color will save you a world of heartache, letting you spot--and correct--low spots, or bad body-filler junctures, etc before you put on the final coat...well worth the time spent
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    "don't lo-ball me." Wouldn't dream of it...
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    Good Deal? (1978 Suzuki GS750)

    OK, OK...keep the seat pan...they're always handy...
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    Good Deal? (1978 Suzuki GS750)

    When you get it, take that seat, remove it from the bike, pour gasoline on it, cover it liberally with magnesium powder, and burn it to ash...
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    something every shade tree mechanic should read

    Incredible story. Glad you weren't injured worse. A good learning point, too. Fire can spread faster than you can imagine. Working with my Vol FD, I've seen several garage fires, that started with just a little gasoline leak somewhere, and ended up with the homeowner lucky to have escaped...
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    Dear god, what is this guy smoking?

    I have no words for this...
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    Oil Brand, Weight Preferences

    That's more like it! I was thinking I was on Bizarro World for a second. 0-Weight Castor Oil!
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    Oil Brand, Weight Preferences

    I'm absolutely disgusted...two full pages of polite, rational discourse on motorcycle oil...I'm reporting this to the moderator.
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    Oil Brand, Weight Preferences

    Synthetics...again, just my experience, and there's countless variables here, but I put full synthetic oil (proper weight) in my CB550, and and in my 1999 Suzuki Bandit, and there was visible weeping of oil at several gasket joints, which stopped when I put in dino oil the next time. Having...
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    Oil Brand, Weight Preferences

    This is exactly what I usually have in my bike: Rotella 15-40w with some extra ZDDP. I'm not an oils scientist, but I've used this combination for years...decades, actually, and have had no engine issues that were oil related. I got in the habit of using this combination after much discussion...
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    Shipping into Canada - Customs Rip Off- Beware

    Re: Dime City Rip Off Your title, "Dime City Rip Off" does no favors to a company that is one of the most legitimate and responsive suppliers to the riders on this site. They had absolutely nothing to do with that bullshit extra charge...
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