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    New CB350 Project - Back Breaker

    Re: New CB350 Project - Ball Breaker A few people must have removed comets, if there are only constructive comments posted currently. :-X glad to see you got it on the road. my 360 still wont run on both cylinders :'(.
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    CB360 Cafe Project

    I dont know if you already cut it up, but the sprocket cover is your clutch actuator as well. If you remove to much, it may flex(or break), and you will find, your already semi effective clutch actuator, makes a popping sound, as it rotates to far, and you lose your clutch. - this happens to...
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    Noob HELP CL360 cam chain tensioner(s)

    I dont think there is a gasket. if it wasn't leaking oil it was sealed with a sealant which is what you will want to do when you put it back. there was a recall on this bike to change the tensioner. Look at the serial no. on the gearbox. if it reads cb360:xxxxx it was fixed if there is no ":" it...
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    New CB350 Project - Back Breaker

    Re: New CB350 Project - Ball Breaker thanx for posting I was afraid the know-it-alls had chased you off. grats on the finish
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    Cb 360 tail chop swinger mod

    Well I bought the pod filters, new carb jets, plugs, points. I can get it to run great sitting in the shop but as soon as I try to ride it, its clear I don't have things dialed in. To be honest I haven't been able to sort out the problem (Timing vs carb, or ?) it often ends up running on one...
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    '40 Sport Scout bob job

    :P :P :P :P :P .....
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    My First Build, XS750

    I honestly dig that giant muffler. I think you should consider keeping it.
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    Tell Me What ya think? My 71 CB350 cafe project!

    in responce to the last video I agree that you may be running on one cylinder. next time you fire it up feel the pipes as they get warm. if one doesn't get hot check that side for spark. if there is spark. I would next get a spray bottle and squirt a little gas in the carb on that side. ps. I...
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    as far as the seat most bikes in the era between 78 and 90 somthing have seats that get bigger and bigger at the back. you will just have to re do it. It does make for a better before and after pick ;) .
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    cb350 twin compression question

    has it sat for a while? If so you might just try riding it for a while adjust the valves etc. and then see if the compression gets better. if you have a timing light check the timing, but it should be good unless you or the p/ o did a tear-down, or its got some miles on it and the chain...
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    Fitting a sportbike rear wheel on a Honda CB. Difficult?

    there are several threads adressing this sort of thing on -sorry link wont work. guys over there are all about newer bikes, -putting gsxr forks n rear swing arm on a ducati etc etc. etc. they can help you out.
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    Fiberglass tank stuff...

    I like it! I also have searched for bladders and have only found the boat bladers, so I am sure there are several people interested to know if other types are avlilable, that would work well in a motorcycle.
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    another cb550 *videos of maiden voyage are up* let me know what you guys think

    Re: another cb550. I don't know if you got your battery yet but I run the A123 lithium batteries on one of my bikes. Verry small and light -especialy if you are not using the starter. I found mine on e-bay, look for the green ones with the tabs prewelded on, and try to keep the batterys cool...
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    MAY 2011 BOTM - WINNER!

    my buddy has one of these in bad shape I keep trying to get him to fix it up & get it running.
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    Blake's cb350 Cafe (Update: APRIL 10th Jetted,exhaust, all hard work done! PICS)

    I tried running my bike a week or so ago -knew it wouldn't run right, but couldn't resist: has not been rejeted, no filters, sort baffles. just sitting there idling it was spewing gas, but then when I tried to ride it had all the signs of being to lean. I chocked it to check, -which seemed to...
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    Blake's cb350 Cafe (Update: APRIL 10th Jetted,exhaust, all hard work done! PICS)

    what do you mean by "slight jump" in first gear? Is it the jump that happens when you shift from neutral to first? or do you mean that when you attempt to rev evenly thew the rpm range in first, you hit a specific rpm where the there is a 'slight Jump' in power? edit: Or is it something else?
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    Cb 360 tail chop swinger mod

    skiing would be the scariest thing I have ever done with a ski under me.
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    Blake's cb350 Cafe (Update: APRIL 10th Jetted,exhaust, all hard work done! PICS)

    Do you get the same hesitation warm as cold? Choke off or partial choke? I am just thinking it might be carbaration. There is another issue I have been wondering about on these old Hondas, that I have not yet experimented with, and that is the spark advance. The possible issue I see with them...
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    Willow...An Evolution

    Re: Willow...An evolution..AKa Beat the clock is that girl really in grade school. I'm hoping she is the substitute teacher.
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