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  1. smarsh

    CB550 Camshaft Replacement Question

    Hi, Looking to try and find a good secondhand camshaft to replace the one in my '75 CB550K. Just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me what other years of the 500/550 have camshafts that would suit? The option to drop in a 650 cam sparked my interest, but seems I'm a bit late to find one...
  2. smarsh

    CB500 +3mm Big Bore Kit Question

    Hey all Just bought a NOS CB500 +3mm kit to put in my stock CB550K, after DTT member Tim was able to point in this direction, thanks Tim. I had a couple of questions about the rings in the kit. The kit came with a 1 piece oil ring. Anyone have any thoughts or experience using these? Should I...
  3. smarsh

    Help....Acceptable Clearances for Standard Piston & Rings??

    Hey I'm currently working through my first engine rebuild, a 1975 CB550K, and am trying to ascertain what piston and ring sizes will be correct to use for rebuild. The motor has done 16000 miles. The cylinders look pretty good, the usual build ups at the top and bottoms. Heres a pic. Any...
  4. smarsh

    1975 CB550 K Rebuild & Minor Mods

    Greetings I've just gotten a hold of a project bike. 1975 CB550 K, 16000 miles on the clock, motor is locked/seized, the bike as a whole is in pretty rough shape, but I think it has plenty of potential. It's a project to keep me occupied whilst I go through recovering from some health issues...
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