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    Jerry's Follies

    are you looking for a front or back fender from an sr250? I tried a different set but I didn't like them. Went back to factory.
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    Scrambler Seat for 1980 Yamaha SR250

    Modeliko Cafe Racers has the Jadus Euclid seat which I have on my bike and I really like it. I believe they also sell one that is not finished so you can shape it to customize yourself and finish with your own material. I may try that at some point. Love Sr250s!!!
  3. Steve's bike.jpg

    Steve's bike.jpg

    another sr250
  4. latest SR pic

    latest SR pic

    finally got the triangle sorted. Still have some grinding and painting to do but coming along.
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    Comment by 'Kundaliniredneck' in media 'sr250 garage'

    rims are stock we just painted them. That's a challenger 120/90-16 on the back and a Duro 3.00-18 on the front. I will have to replace the front but I'll probably keep the back as it looks ok. I have 4 Sr250s because I'm infatuated with them. On one of the others I'm running Pirelli MT066...
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    Jadus Parts Source

    ok, cool.
  7. sr250 garage

    sr250 garage

    My garage looking pretty cool, I think.
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    Jadus Parts Source

    hello, I've ordered from Modeliko about 4 times and never really had a problem. Actually, my credit card flagged one time as an international purchase but I called them and it went through just fine. What specific problem did you have?
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    Another Yamaha SR250 build. Grand Rapids, MI.

    Just found this. I love SRs and yours looks super cool! well done!
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    WANTED: Yamaha SR250 header pipe/exhaust

    Hello! Are you still looking for one of these? I may have one. I'll see what I can dig up.
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    Brat/rat first chop

    what a handsome looking bike! nicely done!
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    New Beginner

    hi, just checking in to see if you have any new pics. Looks like a fun project!
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    Yamaha SR250 Cafe/Brat

    Good to know.
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    Yamaha SR250 Cafe/Brat

    Thanks Man!
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    Yamaha SR250 Cafe/Brat

    Yes. I degreased and cleaned them. Then a light but thorough sanding. Then another cleaning. Then a self etching primer and finished with...
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    Yamaha SR250 Cafe/Brat

    Thank you!
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    Yamaha SR250 Cafe/Brat

    Lots of little things left to do but i'm around here right now. Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism!
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