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  1. porcelanowy

    What did you build this week?

    Hello I have coffee table on the back burner for a while now. Maybe now is the time, thank you :) Meanwhile - small kitchen helper: Two small general use helpers :) One finished: Second in making:
  2. porcelanowy

    ‘64 Honda S90

    Hello Beautifull bike. Clean and looks fast ;) And yes, Millyards twin would suit this frame :D
  3. porcelanowy

    FT500 Supermoto Hellride

    Well said, well said :) Pretty much you have summed up what I am trying to do with my 1981 SR250. A lot of nice bikes that you have to chisel out 80s and 90s out of them :D
  4. porcelanowy

    FT500 Supermoto Hellride

    Hello To be honest, I thought that those side covers look bulky and off. But now, with that seat and tail, it fits right in :) Very fun looking project. I am excited :D
  5. porcelanowy

    SR250, get me close to the ton

    Hello The same problem with my SR250: when the bike is warm it idles a bit high. When adjusted warm, turned off and let cooldown off it idles irregular, sometimes stalls. I have checked the vacuum connection, gaskets between the carb and intake: no leaking air. So I have left it running a bit...
  6. porcelanowy

    FT500 Supermoto Hellride

    Hello In_my_opinion ;) => Check 2 Love street tracker projects. Yours is turning pretty nice :D
  7. porcelanowy

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Hello Don't be a ... Go wild, go snail eyes: Well, form and function are fighting here with each other for sure :)
  8. porcelanowy

    V Star 650

    A front fender would make front visually heavier and messed up the look ;) Thar suspension IMO should stay as visible as possible :)
  9. porcelanowy

    10mm socket issue... solved?

    Hello I've lost it...
  10. porcelanowy

    10mm socket issue... solved?

    Hello Story time? ;) Once i have found 10mm socket on a treck in a national park: deep woods, some 15 kilometers from a paved road so that was a surprise by itself. I was as happy as the time I found in a toilet bowl a kidney stone I've just gave birth to. Made a keychain with that socket...
  11. porcelanowy

    10mm socket issue... solved?

    Hello Yeap, it will take a bit longer to lose all that 10 mils ;) :D
  12. porcelanowy

    Yamaha SR250 - A clean standard build

    Hello This deserves a separate thread ;) And yes, if you are searching the internet for SR250 Jadus is usually the end of your search :D
  13. porcelanowy

    "A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber

    Hello It is holding its ground in that crowd ;) Again: great job :D
  14. porcelanowy

    Honda Shadow 750

    Hello My nephew has exactly that muffler on his hyosung GT125 - after two months fake carbon melted away an rubber padding of the bracket melted into muffler. Works just fine, sounds great, but looks dreadful ;) The sound of new mufflers is very pleasing ;) The old ones looked stylish but the...
  15. porcelanowy

    Jerry's Follies

    Hello It might be hard use that exact tip over the pond ;) but searching for a rear fender for SR250 i have stumbele this picture: It is a front fender from polish tractor Ursus c330 - full thick metal, 16" wheel :) Now I am trying to find it locally to measure the dimensions. I can relate to...
  16. porcelanowy

    "A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber

    Hello Good that you went with vibrant colour of the frame. "Misa like it" :D
  17. porcelanowy

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Hello I know, i know... not against the sun... ;) :D
  18. porcelanowy

    2x stroke street tracker - project coming together slowly.

    Hello I am not fond of two strokes. My personal thing (whole childhood struggling with soviet style 2 strokes ;) ), but this bike: looks just happy :) I don't know how to explain this... white colour with blue accents, not to much chrome, just where it supposed to be :D Nice. p.s. What is the...
  19. porcelanowy

    SR250, get me close to the ton

    True to that /\ I had a crash in march going to MOT: wet tarmac, 7 km/h, crossing and whoosh: brake handle in three / my confidence in thousand pieces. Front tire could buy alcohol by herself ;) Still, fun looking bike, good color scheme. I like the tail light. Original blinker flasher has a...
  20. porcelanowy

    Jerry's Follies

    Hello Check this light closer: it is quite wide and chunky. I was considering to buy it, but made a mockup and went with this: But still seeking someting smaller :)
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