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  1. cliffno350

    DT250 Tracker

    Looking great, have a 77 dt400 i will rebuild eventually has 610 original miles
  2. cliffno350

    78/79 GL1000 headers FOUND!

    Ok good deal I have set on a 76 and a 79
  3. cliffno350

    78/79 GL1000 headers FOUND!

    Re: WANTED 78/79 GL1000 headers I have some in good shape, just be a few days before I get home.
  4. cliffno350

    ^$&%^*&*( ebay sellers

    I have a ported head I don't remember seeing valves and may have cam if you need and rocker box is not complete I can get pictures later and its all yours for the shipping if you need. Lmk if you need and want pictures
  5. cliffno350

    Testers Needed - LED Headlight Bulb

    I have 6v in 77 dt400
  6. cliffno350

    cl 450 pipes

    Yea that's good deal
  7. cliffno350

    New Mexico Represent!

    Been here in clovis for building cruiser and stock CB's and GS's for lot a years a few cafes. Have a 78f gonna cafe pretty soon, and that seat had to go quick.
  8. cliffno350

    I bought a lathe, help!

    My atlas ten inch lathe, lead and worm gears needed help and the only place to get mine was hand made at a machine shop for 150. Maybe a place to look and if local they can supply or tell you where to get dies.
  9. cliffno350

    Sonic's XS650

    Right on that's the way wiring should have come from the factory. And keep telling yourself that's enough bikes lol, I have had as many as thirty one at one time, a few were given to me sure but it has taken awhile to thin down, I regret getting rid of last three cb750's...
  10. cliffno350

    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    Re: 1979 Honda CB750 DOHC Yup looking good, a way lot better than inferior bike Chris so and so tried to pass off as a build
  11. cliffno350

    A CB360 Tracker Rookie build

    Looks fantabuloso
  12. cliffno350

    Looking for a GL1000 front end, forks & triples

    Did you find forks and triples?
  13. cliffno350

    I Have Hundreds Of Quality Used Parts, Will Trade One Or All!

    Do you have any cb360 carbs? Or carb parts? I have a incomplete set and mainly missing one air adjust screw and spring. Do I need to get you the numbers off the carbs?
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