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  1. DesmoDog

    Show us your Eyetalian Eye Candy......

    It didn't when I got it but does now...
  2. DesmoDog

    Show us your Eyetalian Eye Candy......

    When I last posted here I had just bought a beat to crap track bike instead of a nice stock Monster per the orginal plan. Work on the trackbike continued until it was close to being almost ready to think about maybe getting it back on the track. Then i decided I needed a Streetfighter V2. I...
  3. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Here's the one that's been relelgated to donor bike status Here's the one that's getting those parts
  4. DesmoDog

    Paging DesmoDog to the white courtesy phone please...

    Hey! I'm not familiar with that particular model specfically but in general the tags signify an edition and nothing more. IIRC they don't even go consecutively, as in #100 may not have been built right after #99 or before #101. But I don't think that's a Foggy Edition anything. Check out this...
  5. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Yesterday it was this It's been sitting for about 20 years so needs some work, but nothing major I know of. Yet. Today it was this Still waiting on some parts for it but it's finally here!
  6. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Something I should have bought a bunch of years ago when I first started mumbling about it. Now I'm not sure it'll ever "pay for itself" but it will make it easier to screw around with a couple of projects I have going on. Ordered it last night. No idea when it'll show up. Yeah, I know...
  7. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    I don't recall why, but we had the frame from one of these sitting around at work. I went to move it one day and was shocked at how heavy it was. I've lugged around a few bare Ducati frames and a couple Japanese bike frames, and this thing was massive in comparison. Not sure why... certainly...
  8. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of bikes you've owned in the past

    Number 1, 1991 Ducati 907ie #2 was an RD 350 track bike made out of three bikes (so does that make it 2, 3, &4?). It's #907, I haven't got any good pics of it #4 was a Honda Hawk... if I have pics I don't know where they are #5 May have been a KDX250, not sure of the exact order around this...
  9. DesmoDog

    Benelli Mojave 260/360 gas tank purchase review/ fitment

    I'm guessing it looks NOS because it is NOS. Cosmopolitan was selling them not all that long ago. I got a yellow one but ended up reselling it and using a Ducati tank instead. Actually I ended up buying multiple Ducati tanks after that. I had a bit of a tank addiction for a while but I've...
  10. DesmoDog

    A very cool picture of my Uncle Jack

    Considering Arnold hadn't even been born yet when that picture was taken, I have to question your statement. And your concept of time. Edit: Oops, I see I'm late in my reply... but still.
  11. DesmoDog

    Is this Toast?

    If it's jumping forward I'm guessing it's because a valve is pushing on the camshaft. (As in it's normal)
  12. DesmoDog

    The perfect bobber platform...

    Sportster. Plenty of parts? Check Easy to work on? Check Lots of hardtail options? Check 750 or smaller? No, but an 883 is close enough IMHO.
  13. DesmoDog

    Went to an auction Saturday

    The rear shock mounts give it away as a GT. Sports (except for the early frames) have a different type of shock mount and the frames have a narrower tail section. If it were a '74 Sport, the top mount of the shock would look like it was mounted to the side of the frame, not enclosed in the frame...
  14. DesmoDog

    Went to an auction Saturday

    $55k? For a nice Sport, sure. But that's not a Sport, it's a GT. Sports are worth roughly twice what GTs are in stock form. Modified? Who knows what it would bring but who in their right mind would pay Sport prices for an owner modified GT? If the engine was done and all the major parts to...
  15. DesmoDog

    Went to an auction Saturday

    I dunno, I'm not sure he STOLE it at that price. It looks like a modified GT and would be an expensive bike to rebuild let alone restore. I've been out of the market for a while though so maybe I'm out of touch. If you just want a hot rod roundcase I guess it'd be cheaper than a Sport, but...
  16. DesmoDog

    F/S 1974 Honda CB360

    It helps keep the front end down when launching it from stop lights. I'm surprised you didn't know that. ;-)
  17. DesmoDog

    Show us your Eyetalian Eye Candy......

    Zombie thread alert! Time to ressurect this one. A couple months ago I started jonesing for an air cooled, two valve Ducati. I've had them before, and wanted another. A near stock M900 would fit the bill perfectly. Get the nicest one I could find. Cheap Ducatis are rarely a good deal, and...
  18. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    I've been looking for an unmolested Monster M900 so yesterday I bought this. No, it's not a Monster. No, it isn't anywhere near unmolested. What can I say, I've always had a soft spot for the 900ss. This is my 3rd one.
  19. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Yeah they do need to go. I bought it right before a thunderstorm hit so just wanted to get it hooked up and get out of there... In fact there are a couple changes that need to be made but it has to wait until I get other things done. Turns out getting the trailer led to rearranging the garage...
  20. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    After many years of thinking Kendon trailers were too expensive (and borrowing one from a friend when needed) I retired and made plans to drag my Guzzi out west next month. I thought I was going to upgrade the POS folding utility trailer I've had for 20+ years, but after searching ads for a...
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