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  1. CresentSon

    Bit of moral dilemma.

    Personally, I'd wonder how many accident's survive-ability hinged on the number of kidneys the rider had. I'm ignorant to the full scope of the issue, though. Is the only concern a direct hit to the kidney, and not having a back up? If so you have to weigh the odds of an accident, with the odds...
  2. CresentSon

    Suzuki GR650 - back to work...

    Re: Suzuki GR650- The massive tank has the greenlight!
  3. CresentSon

    Am I going to die on a bike?

    Norton, the fact that I didn't have a dirt bike, and an over indulgent adrenaline addiction as a kid means I don't belong on a bike? If all a bike is to you is a way to push your limits because you have a natural aptitude, talent, and sixth-sense, given to you by the higher powers of the...
  4. CresentSon

    Best way to hide wires!?!?!?!

    I'd leave a bit, especially if you're gonna add a hoop. Leaves room to slug and weld.
  5. CresentSon

    WTB: CB750 SOHC exhaust

    Can I hear it for Redbird? Good form, old boy, good form.
  6. CresentSon

    $85,ooo Bagger on CL

    You think with an 85K bike in the garage he could afford a tripod for that camera.
  7. CresentSon

    Best way to hide wires!?!?!?!

    If you're moving the battery it is just a matter of routing. Put the whole package under the bump, and almost everything would run under the seat and tank. The system can be simplified pretty easy to remove bulk too. You still have the drops to the points, brake switch, and generator, but those...
  8. CresentSon

    Best way to hide wires!?!?!?!

    Predator cloaking device? Got a pic of the offending area?
  9. CresentSon

    Ok whats this for?

    The distance from the nubs to the crossbar sure suggests a small diameter wheel.
  10. CresentSon

    Oh Lord (CB500) - The Leaky Bitch (p. 31)

    Re: Oh Lord (CB500) - Got the tank on (pg. 34) That's what I said last spring. It's a slippery slope, brother.
  11. CresentSon

    Am I going to die on a bike?

    Don't worry guys, I got your back. I'm willing to push anyone who forgets to jump.
  12. CresentSon

    Doing it wrong on EBay

    *Facepalm This guy is killing me.
  13. CresentSon

    picture of your homemade tools

    Awesomeness CC. Lots of good ideas to steal on that rig.
  14. CresentSon

    DIY girder forks?

    I'm digging this square tube version too. Doesn't quite have the visual weight of the Norton.
  15. CresentSon

    DIY girder forks?

    A coil over would also be easier to design a mounting point. You just can't beat the look of an open air coil spring though, like this Norton 16H ES2 replica.
  16. CresentSon

    picture of your homemade tools

    I'm surprised my avatar is enough to overwhelm all my faults. That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. ;)
  17. CresentSon

    picture of your homemade tools

    That's why I like you brad. I was twisting my brain because there had to be a reason. Your sheet metal stake kit looks a lot like mine. All you need is a railroad track anvil.
  18. CresentSon

    Painting vs. powdercoating

    That's why my shit is still in pieces in the garage...
  19. CresentSon

    Who ya voting tonight?

    The poll was who sucks the most... ?
  20. CresentSon

    Copper-plating Aluminum Bits

    You might try electro-polishing the piece first. After your regular cleaning process, stick the piece in a fresh bath, maybe 70/30 distilled water water to vinegar and some salt to increase connectivity, or whatever acid solution you use. Use a steel anode, reverse the current to blow the...
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