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    Help with Honda CJ360T Carburetor settings

    Btw I run 40 pilots on my cb360 I’d actually bump up the pilots one size and watch it purr
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    Help with Honda CJ360T Carburetor settings

    Also I like being rich at idle It cools the engine on coasting and helps get rid of a long warm up I keep air fuel rich like u said 2 turns out to start From there a decent float height will get you idling nicely and just rich bikes run richer as they warm up if you have a high idle after it...
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    Help with Honda CJ360T Carburetor settings

    I would mess with the floats I set float height with a clear tube adabtor out the bowl drain so I can make sure the gas is what it’s supposed to be you’d be surprised if something is catching or sticking in the carb it will be lean all day with no reason why don’t forget to sync the carbs as...
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    R5 transmission upgrade Yamaha rd350 help

    Figured it out Needed to move drum outward a little as 1st plate acts as support/washer besides the drum selectors being different (obviusly one is 5spd one is 6spd) U also have to remove needle bearing From r5 case And also this specific stop plate IS DIFFERENT BETWEEN R5 AND RD350...
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    R5 transmission upgrade Yamaha rd350 help

    Shift drum looks too long for the case what am I doing wrong here this case had a needle bearing for the shift drum I had to remove that to fit the RD350 6 speed shift drum in but now the clamps don’t fit Help!! YouTube link explaining problem
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    My cb360t cafe project

    for safety: to avoid gas vapor lock on highway, get some thermo-tec on underside of tank. also get 2 1/4" 3-way splitters and connect all carb gas lines together so pressures balance out between cabrs for gas delivery. many people report issues with petcock gas 'only coming out one nozzle' and...
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    82 gs850 idle issues

    float levels too low? should be a few mms below the bowl top. i only measure with gas in the carb using a clear tube to be sure theyre not hanging up on anything (common issue if u have bent floats) static/dynamic timing good?
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    Coughing / missing at Idle on 1 side only, my final battle.

    UPDATE: Call me what you will, A fully electronic advance cured this issue, as I suspected, and as has been reported by others in teh depths of the internet. Im telling you, you cannot have a HALF electronic ignition with sloppy camshaft/magnetic pickup rotor tolerances, or the wobblyness will...
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    bizarre coincidence needing help - two twins running lean on left side

    I am finding electronic ignition pickup kits with the stock mechanical advancer causes bad pre-advance timing issues due to slack tolerances in camshaft diameter on the magnetic rotor piece. Points or fully electronic should fix it if all else fails. Manifests as a cough at idle and up to 4K on...
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    Coughing / missing at Idle on 1 side only, my final battle.

    CB360T Total rebuild. Everything is perfect. The bike rips and runs fine on both cylinders. I even added bubble gum to the throttle and choke linkages to be double safe for air leaks, my mech advance is working, i have no air leaks outside the carbs, and no diaphragms tears. My ONLY ISSUE which...
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    CB360T problems

    Another bike about to purr Good job gents
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    CB360T problems

    This will help too. It makes it more clear those 3 (black, black/red, and brown/blue) all should connect in the switch, or on the way to it like in the common motor diagram. BUT (this is important), look at the starter button on this diagram below, he's using the OEM switch, and its supposed to...
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    CB360T problems

    if ur certain theres an issue in the kill switch dont chase anything else up until thats fixed, (whatver is happening it sounds like black circuit and yellow/red circuit are connected somhow they shouldnt be). your key/ignition switch is probably fine, but easy to test continuity on that. power...
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    Scott's Vermont Title/Registration Service?

    Is Mr Scott still doing these little DMV workarounds? Last I remember I got an untitled bike a title eventually for about $200
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    CB360T problems

    yeh red/yellow should not have any voltage until you press the button that sounds like a short in your solenoid. im guessing starter doesnt work or we havent gotten that far to diagnose but probably bad solenoid. switch couuld be grounding inside handlebar, but doubt it.
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    CB360T problems

    buy this. read instructions. really helps to leave light off when starting up on weak battery.
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    Needs a paint job but runs a top, thanks PJ for getting the carbs dialed, rcm manufacturing in Wisconsin for their Aluminum triple tree upper, Sirius consolidated for new blended alloy rotors and the guy on eBay that somehow had a finned stator cover and a very special dream bike finally
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    1975 Honda CB360T

    Don’t get pods unless u hit up PJ for a mod makes it impossible to tune Get electronic ignition Don’t get rid of electronic start Keep mechanical advance Don’t get inline fuel filters Get dynamic timing light, set static once just to get the triggers exactly 90degrees apart Get carbs bench synced
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    Listen to this CB550 dyno test with a 4-2 Hooker Exhaust...

    Not my vid, the description says 53 HP supposedly tho, cb650 cam, and some other mods
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