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  1. Useful Idiot

    Fun Old Tool Project

    Awesome. I love old tools. (no homo) I lucked into an old South Bend drill press last year. A little oil and a scotchbrite and it was good as new. Been looking for a medium sized lathe this summer, even though I don't have power to my garage yet. Horse before the cart, I guess.
  2. Useful Idiot

    Went to get a coffee yesterday morning

  3. Useful Idiot

    Went to get a coffee yesterday morning

    The Moped Army have a huge gathering every year in louisville around derby time. Literally 100's of them swarming around town. They seem to be having fun and doing their thing. To each his/her own.
  4. Useful Idiot

    Funniest joke in the world?
  5. Useful Idiot

    Do you google+ ?

    One facebook is enough for me.
  6. Useful Idiot

    waterbottle gas tank

    awesome. (that should be added to the $50 mod tread too)
  7. Useful Idiot

    CB500T motor build. Opinions wanted.

    Awesome teazer. Thanks. edit: any ideas about how much metal you can shave off the head (safely)?
  8. Useful Idiot

    CB500T motor build. Opinions wanted.

    Well, here's a problem. When I took the pistons off the rods I noticed that both top rings were broke. There was a little scoring on the skirts. What do you guys think? Exhaust valves. Intake side. The rods seemed to have a lot of play. I'm not sure what the tolerances are, I...
  9. Useful Idiot

    CB500T motor build. Opinions wanted.

    You're right. It is supposed to have teeth. Holy shit!
  10. Useful Idiot

    when honda 350 tensioners fail

    Heh yea, what's that baking apparatus consist of? What'd you use to paint the cover?
  11. Useful Idiot

    plain jane

    How'd you get the finish on the cylinders and head? Cheers
  12. Useful Idiot

    Engine inspiration thread!

    Agreed. It'd be rad if we could get a small write up on the application of paint, etc. I painted my motor last year with hi temp paint I got from Pep Boys (don't remember the brand) and I didn't use any primer or clear. I'm not even sure if they make hi temp clear. I used the heat of the motor...
  13. Useful Idiot

    CB500T motor build. Opinions wanted.

    Thanks joe. I'll pester my friends around here to see if they have one laying around. According to this parts fiche there are supposed to be teeth on it, but I don't think this is correct.
  14. Useful Idiot

    CB500T motor build. Opinions wanted.

    Thanks. Yea, I may do the spline grind thing. I think I saw a guy do it on hondatwins. I'll have to find the link. I had a tiny shim on my exhaust cam that I kept. Do you guys know where to get these shims or did you just make your own? Ok, so I pulled the head and cylinders last night...
  15. Useful Idiot

    CB500T motor build. Opinions wanted.

    Thanks for the info. The bars aren't worn out, that I know of. I just wondered if they'd lose their temper over time and that might lead to valve float over time???
  16. Useful Idiot

    CB500T motor build. Opinions wanted.

    Love the idea of engines having their own forum. I'll put the rest of my (re)build in the cafe section. So here goes: 2 seasons ago at a parade my local club was in, my bike puked a ton of oil out of the top of the motor. Not sure what happened. Maybe a return got blocked? I don't know, but I...
  17. Useful Idiot

    Day at the closed salvage yard

    Where is this?
  18. Useful Idiot

    "La Pastinaca" CB450 498cc Big Bore Engine Built By DWMS Racing!

    Re: "La Pastinaca" CB450 New photos! Cams and rockers installed We def need more motor build threads. This one's amazing. Joey, you gotta link(s) for polishing? I'm about ready to start rebuilding my CB500T motor and I want to polish my cam bearing housing, etc. If I could get mine half as...
  19. Useful Idiot

    cb500t hard tail racer

    Again. Amazing work. I just started my 500t build. And thanks for posting a link to those jig plans. This is purely selfish and if you don't feel like it, I totally understand, but could you do a write up on the process you used to hardtail the bike? (and possibly how the tank was painted?)...
  20. Useful Idiot

    XS650 Project Black Beauty --- On The Road Yet???

    Re: New Guy xs 650 build Nice work. (what do you edit the vids with?)
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