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  1. Jay Ace

    Who has rebuilt cb750 carbs on a DOHC motor? I need you

    Pods = waste of time, in my experience. Probably could do something with them but I'd rather be riding the bike and not spend all of time fucking with it. Velocity stacks from Steel Dragon Performance on the other hand SUCK ... in a really good way (not that way you perv). Only have butt dyno to...
  2. Jay Ace

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    It's been a few months now but went from 1972 to 2015 ::)
  3. Jay Ace

    Turn signals not flashing

    If your turn signals are indeed LED, you will need an electronic flasher. have a good one. Also, with LED turn signals, you will have to add some diodes for your turn signal indicator light so it will flash for both left and right. Otherwise it will only flash on either left...
  4. Jay Ace

    Obey Sticker bombing

    I dig that a lot!
  5. Jay Ace

    Sweet new BMW

    Right on! That's all I see in new bikes.
  6. Jay Ace

    Should I go with no indicator lights?

    I've seen cyclists here make right-turn signal and I know that no one around them had a clue what they were signaling. Also, can you just run pressure gauge instead of idiot light?
  7. Jay Ace

    That's a pricey set of wheels

    I find all MC wheels too expensive. They are on par with car wheels which is nuts.
  8. Jay Ace

    Cafe seems to morph into fighter

    the dog don't give shit
  9. Jay Ace

    Seat Hoops. .120 Wall- $35 shipped

    How's the fitment on a CB750? I think it's 9" wide so just wondering if it would look odd pulled apart.
  10. Jay Ace

    You suck Steve Jobs

    Brave was pretty lame
  11. Jay Ace

    Braided brake lines

    That's the name he uses on sohc4 forums. He is active there and responds to PM's and posts.
  12. Jay Ace

    Vintage VW folks...

    yea that's me. I recognized the username and saw a video of you doing a hill-climb so I put the ole noggin to work ... several days later I put it all together. What's up mang?
  13. Jay Ace

    Vintage VW folks...

    Sporting Eurotrash sticker designed by me ;D
  14. Jay Ace

    Braided brake lines

    Thanks. I wasn't sure if he was on here.
  15. Jay Ace

    Braided brake lines

    Not sure who makes them here but makes quality custom lines.
  16. Jay Ace

    Cb360 hard to kick start

    What is your 'procedure' to kick-start it? If mine has been sitting for few days, i set full choke, open idle screw a little, kick and crack the throttle, close choke, 30 seconds or so adjust the idle back to around 1000-1200 rpms.
  17. Jay Ace

    CB750F 75 lowering and clearance!?

    Mine is lowered but not sure by how much, PO installed the rears but I don't think I've ever even come close to rubbing. I'm 220lbs.
  18. Jay Ace


    51 POSTS!!!111 ur a weiner
  19. Jay Ace

    Bar End Mirrors

    Those el-cheapos from eBay are OK. Clamping on the bar works better if you ask me.
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