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  1. Sderbyshire

    CB400F restoration

    Thats a beautiful bike! my first honda project was a 400f in the same colour scheme, not as nice as this one though ! steve
  2. Sderbyshire

    New member, CB400F restoration

    That looks great, good work ! My first honda project was an identical 400f and led to the Scruffy Racer build during lockdown steve
  3. Sderbyshire

    CB550 Project Scruffy Racer

    Hello boys and girls it’s been a while so i thought you might appreciate a Scruffy update ! Scruffy is fan-bloody-tastic ! the remaining niggle for a while has been the front suspension being very harsh. i’ve tried every oil grade, hagon springs, yss emulators and finally All Balls low...
  4. Sderbyshire

    1976 Gold Wing Swamp Thing

    Great work on the carb sync, and teaching the next generation too!
  5. Sderbyshire

    Project CB690 (KTM 690 engine in a CB550f frame)

    Fabulous work, bravo!
  6. Sderbyshire

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Fuel level rises as it expands in a hot parked bike maybe ?
  7. Sderbyshire

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Good looking little bike, well done !
  8. Sderbyshire

    1976 Gold Wing Swamp Thing

    Swampy is looking swanky!
  9. Sderbyshire


    Voted, love two of those so was tricky to choose!
  10. Sderbyshire

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Great progress!
  11. Sderbyshire

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Yeah, gonna look good with those painted up! if the badges are made of alloy then you might find painting them black and then sanding back the raised letters goves a decent result, that’s what i did on Scruffy :
  12. Sderbyshire

    CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

    That is interesting PJ! i’m doing a big service on my Ducati Superlight at the moment, as Scruffy is finished and running great!, and decided to remove the aeroquip hoses and oil Cooler to give it a big clean. Nuts looked like 19mm, but nope they are 11/16ths AF ! everything on the bike is...
  13. Sderbyshire

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Yes i did mean the high and neutral good luck tracing the gremlins!
  14. Sderbyshire

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    I suspect your challenge is a combination of dirty/corroded switch contacts and poor earthing. i put led indicators like those in the headlamp of my cb390 project, they worked fine once the switching and earths were sorted. are you using 12v leds or 5v?
  15. Sderbyshire

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Excellent tool! fits the honda screws perfectly and plenty of leverage
  16. Sderbyshire

    CB550 Project Scruffy Racer

    I didnt know about ABE, thanks for the link !
  17. Sderbyshire

    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Excellent news, but where’s the video :cool: (else we don’t believe its running )
  18. Sderbyshire

    CB360 from rat cafe to real bike!

    Shame, yes i used the 550 triple. i did tidy it up as it was ugly! good luck!
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