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  1. The Limey

    1973/75 CB450/500t

    I love the 500T. An orange one was my best mates first big bike. Watching with great interest.
  2. The Limey

    73 CL 350 frame welding...

    Is it not stiff enough as standard? Unless you're blowing your wad on top flight Online or WP suspension and super sporty tyres, efforts to reduce frame flex are somewhat pointless.
  3. The Limey

    CB360 from rat cafe to real bike!

    I love the rear brake torque arm. How about slipping some stainless braid or cable spiral of a the fuel hoses?
  4. The Limey

    BMW R90/6 Cafe

    That's look awesome. Lovely proportions, sympathetic lines, stunning workmanship.
  5. The Limey

    Bimota db4ie

    Oh my days, I feel faint!
  6. The Limey

    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    Holy vomit! Where trumps big beautiful wall when you need it? If it keeps shite like that out then I'm suddenly all for it.
  7. The Limey

    Kawasaki Z650 Cafe Project

    Oh, that is very pleasant indeed! 8)
  8. The Limey

    FZR600 Neo-Cafe

    Guys, I've not gone away. Work slowed almost to a halt as I picked up a new car project that I needed to get running. Now that's done, work on the Yam can resume.
  9. The Limey

    1980 KZ250 Cafe Build

    I must admit I do too. A pleasant change from CB twin drudgery.
  10. The Limey

    1980 KZ250 Cafe Build

    Intrigued, watching with interest.
  11. The Limey

    Honda 650 single

    That frame recalls to mind the Honda H100A of my youth.
  12. The Limey

    UJM fate - I vote STOP ruining awesome bikes, build rad Cafe's out of the rest!

    I'd rather see a bike revived as a Cafe Racer or a special, or even as a rat, than simply get weighed in for scrap or allowed to rust back to its constituent molecules. If people are worried about bikes becoming scarce then they should put their money where their mouth is, get off their arses...
  13. The Limey

    Use What You've Got - Kawasaki GPz1100 Cafe Bitsa

    Oooh, that is nice.
  14. The Limey

    1968 CL175 repair and build

    She's a lovely old thing.
  15. The Limey

    Honda 650 single

    Everything about it was good. Just rarely all at the same time.
  16. The Limey

    Honda 650 single

    The Commando Fastback was one of the most elegant, visually balanced factory cafes of all time.
  17. The Limey

    Honda 650 single

    I like the long and low Norton Commando lines on that.
  18. The Limey

    Honda 650 single

    It's like bike porn for people with fat fingers.
  19. The Limey

    Honda 650 single

    Oh yes! This is the most perverted bike pork I've seen in ages.
  20. The Limey

    Norton / Harley Ironhead Cafe Project.. Build thread

    My chum had Yamaharley decals made up for his Harley/Yam bitsa. No one knows what that means either, but if they can be bothered to ask he's happy to tell them. Norvill, Triton, Tribsa, there is an ancient tradition of such names, and bikers understand the history and significance of such...
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