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    My tribute to Burt Monroe...
  2. Titanbikesnz


    After some more research it seems mine is a early version 1963 Asia export model. USA models have a separate number system. Late model 63' numbers start at 3100001
  3. Titanbikesnz


    Good spotting teazer, that is a BSA MC1 prototype minus the fairing. I know the Honda benly is a early CA95 form my research, I was told it is a 60, but from what I can gather it's a 63. The frame and engine numbers start with a 3, not completely sure that's accurate, hopefully someone can...
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    Just the right spot for my 65 S32
  5. Titanbikesnz


    Hi all, my name is Carl and I run a small restoration shop from my home workshop here in New Zealand. I've been restoring bikes for about 20 years, mainly British small bore two strokes. Recently I've started on 60's Japanese bikes. My first attempt is my 65 Suzuki s32-2, more of a preservation...
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