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  1. mikeyw64

    What does everyone do for their "real" job?

    Re: What does everyone do for their "real" job? No Idea what you guys on the other side of the pond call them but as wella s fairies we also had: Leckies (Electricians , which was my trade) , riggers (airframe techs) , sooties (propulsion techs) & plumbers (weapons techs) Oh and...
  2. mikeyw64

    What does everyone do for their "real" job?

    Re: What does everyone do for their "real" job? Ah, what we (when I was in the RAF) referred to as "fairies" (avionics techs that is) ;D
  3. mikeyw64

    What does everyone do for their "real" job?

    Work in the telecoms industry with a primary focus on assessing the impact of network change to our larger corporate customers, facilitating onwards communications to those customers and answering any queries they may have. That and being a general dogsbody for my boss as I'm one of the few...
  4. mikeyw64

    Headlight lens help

    any help?
  5. mikeyw64

    Swing Arm bushes.

    one thing I've done as part of Jessica's rebirth is to pack the swingarm with red grease, it was dry as a bone in there
  6. mikeyw64

    Skyteam Ace to RC Honda Racer Replica!!

    Cheers Mark, cooo hard work for some ;o)
  7. mikeyw64

    Big bore kit skyteam ace 50

    they have those bl**dy security torx bolts on the 125 as well, why !!!!!!
  8. mikeyw64

    Skyteam Ace to RC Honda Racer Replica!!

    Lo Mark, any chance of a few measurements pretty please
  9. mikeyw64

    Brakeless deceleration module?

    sorry to burst your bubble but these are designed to be supplementary to your standard brake lights *not* a replacement for your standard switches & brake light. Oh and the particular item you linked too is an add on modulator module for the main item.
  10. mikeyw64

    Help identifying bike

    this page of any use to you?
  11. mikeyw64

    Where the hell did Sonic go?

    I presume you're going to design it so all the furniture folds up so you can take your bike with you ;o)
  12. mikeyw64

    My daily ride - Lets see yours

    Cheers, Tango started life as a bog standard Silver CBR1100XX but I always liked orange and thought I would also give her a nose job :)
  13. mikeyw64

    My daily ride - Lets see yours

    My Daily ride, haven't owned a car now for nearly 14 years so she gets used pretty much every day (except snow and then I have the luxury of being able to work from home if I need too)
  14. mikeyw64

    Where in the UK are you ?

    Up in Bolton, was here a few years back but took a break. Currently in the process of putting Jessica through a "rebirth" Jessica, my Skyteam Ace 125 & "toy" Tango, my daily ride (& occasional track tool)
  15. mikeyw64

    96 Honda rebel project

    Some really nice work there and love the colour however I do have one small observation /constructive criticism (well at least that's how its intended and I hope you take it that way) She looks a little "dumpy", that may just be the pics. I think she would look better with the front kicked out...
  16. mikeyw64

    New tail light - extra wire

    After using a meter to confirm the 2 black wires on the bike are indeed earths , yes
  17. mikeyw64

    Lake gairdner

    and my FI CBR1100XX 8)
  18. mikeyw64

    Lake gairdner

    F1 style snorkel intake running back under the seat to the airbox ;o)
  19. mikeyw64

    Lake gairdner

    when your starting from a low point every littl bit extra helps:) I remember years ago I was heavily into my Citroen 2CVs a very simple way of getting nearly 10% extra power by adding a bit of tubing. The standard 602 cc 2CV put out 29BHP whilst the Citroen Dyane (same chassis & engine...
  20. mikeyw64

    Bell Bullitt

    Just picked up one of these although haven't worn in anger yet. Hmmm, think the beard needs a trim ;D Killing a bit of time until I get Jessica finished (see Jessica's Story link in sig) and playing with some ideas on a custom finish. Bit crude (the colours should be the same red & silver...
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