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    CB360 Shifter rod

    Thank you. Got a used one ordered and on its way.
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    CB360 Shifter rod

    Hi all, Getting my rat CB360 cafe ready to hit the road. She runs, alls good. One issue. The shifter rod is stripped. Got a new shifter and thats all good. But the rod itself, either needs to be modified or replaced. Cannot find a new part for this. Any ideas where I can get a good one or a...
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    cb360 cam chain allignment

    Hey everyone. Sooo this winter was the big project of taking the engine out and rebuilding her. And its all going great in fact almost done. Just gotta finish putting the cam chain together and throw the top in etc. And ya know just toss her into the frame. (cus its that simple :p ok not really...
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    CB360 piston rings

    Anyone know of a good place to order piston rings? Going to Toronto Canada. Aiming for under 100$. Please?
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    1975 CB360 running issues....

    Yep its surprising how the bike reacts. I find mine is very finiky. Wanna know how I know when I am low on fuel? Left side dies and I am running on the right cylinder also. Shes a moody little b*%@# thank goodness her mummy loves her :D
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    DTT Toronto crew in Nov/Dec 2010 Cycle Canada

    Awe hugs :( Black is an awesome non-colour.
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    1975 CB360 running issues....

    TO is slang for Toronto. We also go by T-Dot lol. If you were local a friend of mine specialized in Honda bikes. He tuned mine. Hes got a 360 and it drove him nuts that mine wasnt running well.
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    1975 CB360 running issues....

    Have you had the timing adjusted? Its surprising how that affects the 360. Are you in TO?
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    DTT Toronto crew in Nov/Dec 2010 Cycle Canada

    Tehehe I'm in a magazine!!! Awe my little ratty 360 :D I'll share with Gilligan and Lunatic!!
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    Who rebuilds carbs in the GTA?

    Seriously check the timing and points gap. My 360 has been running like crap since I got her. We tried everything cleaning carbs another set of carbs different jets, carb syncing etc. Everyone said it was carb related till a friend of mine who has a 360 fixed the timing and points. It runs like...
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    What performance parts are WORKING in your CB350??

    Re: CB750 Pistons in a 350?? I've got a 360 and if I can bore it out for a larger size piston please let me know! A cb750 would be tits if I can do it...
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    Cb 450 bolt kit?

    I just ordered a set off Ebay. Checked out stainlesscycle but doing a search for my bike I came acrossed another set with alloyboltz that had a bigger set for the same price. Not sure which one is more correct but I opted for the 100 piece set over 60 piece.
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    CL360 Stator testing.

    I think weak charging is a typical 360 issue. Mine was charging poorly also until I rewired the bike.
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    Cool conversion

    Its a repost. I have the s40. I've seen it chopped and now cafe'ed. I like the look but stock pipe its WAY too quiet.
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    What's the deal???? TV Show?

    Is Mondo on here? I didn't know he was but makes sense! MONDO wow congrats on the show if it goes thru :) Need any help let me know. I'll be a stagehand also :D
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    cb750 clutch or clutch springs in a cb360?

    I put a 750 clutch cable in my 360 for a while. It worked was just too long. Not sure if that would be the same with the spring.
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    Hey so I am selling the handlebars and stock air boxes off my CB360T. Put on pod filters (kept the boots) and clubmans so don't need these anymore. Going for best offer would like to make something but care more about not having it all take up space in my trunk. I've also got a couple turn...
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    Left cylinder cutting out CB360

    Hey, Well we cleaned the carbs till we were blue in the face and that helped a bit but not entirely. So I got a couple suggestions to fix the ignition system so I got a new condesor and also new coils with new wires and caps to the plugs and now shes running more reliably. Shes still sort of...
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    CB360 Air Filter / pod need some help

    No I am refering to the local bike shop dude he refers to. You've been extremely helpful in regards to my 360 so I know you know your stuff.
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    CB360 Air Filter / pod need some help

    I have a 360 with pods and dont notice any flat spots.... think buddy was trying to scare you or just doesnt know enough about it. Personally flat spots are related to tuning. I have issues with my 360 but its issues with it being too rich and thats with pods and straight pipes.
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