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    Engine inspiration thread!

    Still needs a lot of cosmetic stuff. here is a video of the engine running. Thanks for looking. Tom
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    Engine inspiration thread!

    The engine is going in my 79 CB750K with a lot of little custom stuff done. It is a street bike- I mainly wanted something different to cruise locally. should only be around 90-105 HP- low boost- pump gas - no problems- lot's of WOW factor. I ride a 2010 Kawasaki C14 Concours everyday (rain or...
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    Engine inspiration thread!

    Hi, first post here just finishing my build- ready to re install. I hand built everything. Thanks for looking Tom
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    New Ebay Rims Vs. Powder?

    Hi, New here.... I did use these on my CL175 restoration and, the spoke angles were not right for the hubs- I did bend each one at the hub and got everything to work- They really look great but took a lot more work to get them trued - straight. Honda also uses different length spoke on each...
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