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    BMOA Rallye

    The Rallye is being held at Lake Somerville now. I've yet to make it out to the new location. I've only been to New Ulm, which was an easy ride from Houston. So, I'm just curious -- those of you who've been to the Rallye at Lake Somerville, how was it? Nicer than New Ulm? Seems to me that...
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    Howdy from Tx, suggest a bike for me

    One thing you might want to check up on before you bid on the Kaw is parts availability. I don't know what it's like for the older Kawasakis, but that would be my number one concern. The RD350 continues to be a very popular bike. One of the best two-strokes ever made. That's a fair price for...
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    Cops hassle me over helmet

    Way down here in Texas, there is no helmet law for adults per se, meaning that if you have insurance to cover your injuries and you're 18 or over, you can be stupid and ride lidless. BUT! There's a loophole. Better make sure your helmet has a DOT sticker, or else you run the risk of getting a...
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    Own a Canon Digital Camera / Camcorder?

    According to the link, this is a recall for Canadians. Does this work for US Canon users as well? Never mind. I found the US link. Best, Michael
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    Hello all from So Cal

    Hey Wagonmaster, Welcome to the forum from a fellow new guy. Figured out how to post pics yet? I lived in Whittier for almost 10 years, and was in and out of Hacienda Heights on a regular basis. Cool city. Keep us up to date on your project! Best, Michael
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    Howdy from Tx, suggest a bike for me

    Hey heemid, Where in TX you at? I'm in Houston. Good comments from the above posters. I tend to concur with the folks who advocate something a bit bigger. My cafe project is a '78 XS650, and will weigh quite a bit less than a stock bike when I'm done, probably slightly under 400 lb. Yes...
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    Howdy from the Alamo City

    Welcome from down Houston way! Looks like an interesting project. Post pics as it progresses! Best, Michael
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    1978 XS650 Cafe Rephase

    I keep getting error messages like this when I try to upload a post with images, or edit a post with images: Database Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query File: /home/content/t/a/y/taysan/html/Sources/Post.php Line: 1427 Best, Michael
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    1978 XS650 Cafe Rephase

    Finally, it worked. Okay, next I'll see if I can upload a post with multiple URLs. Here goes. This is what I started with: The bike after removing the motor, with the XS750 tank and bumstop seat resting on the frame: Best, Michael
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    1978 XS650 Cafe Rephase

    I'm still pretty new here and I've had problems posting to the forum. I get server messages whenever I try to post or preview. Since I can see other posts making it here to the forum, I'm wondering if it might be length -- or that I'm including multiple image URLs. So, I'll start this thread...
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    It be Rainin' Texans, eh?

    Howdy from Houston, Texas, where it's hot, humid, and flat! But I can ride 365 days a year, so that makes up for it some. I learned how to ride before I learned how to drive, some (mumbledy mumble) years ago. Drifted away from bikes for far too long, but got back into things with a...
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