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  1. rickycodie

    Simple M-unit question

    it's a 2000 cb750 nighthawk, and a 2001 suzuki vl1500 lc
  2. rickycodie

    Simple M-unit question

    hey so i'm thinking about using an m-unit, but i'm curious how it integrated into the ignition coils? i only see one output for ignition.
  3. rickycodie

    Motogadget M-Unit Blue, mButton, and Wiring kit - $350

    i am selling the above here: anyone that has been shopping for these knows its a great deal. i partially wired the mButton to my bike but due to time constraints i won't be able to fully install the...
  4. rickycodie

    What size anti-gravity battery is best for a 2000 nighthawk 750?

    Hey guys, great forum here! super helpful for my bike build. I am going to buy an Anti-gravity Battery for my build, and I want to know if the 8 cell would be enough to power my nighthawk 750? The details on the battery are here...
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