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  1. born2expire

    1973 CB750 Chesapeake, VA

    no tank, rear fender is squished, slight surface rust but engine and wheels are there, frame looks straight. no title looking to part it out. PM me if you want anything off of it
  2. born2expire

    source of supply for that cloth that cleans the mag for your points

    guys this is that cloth with the points system. keeps the contact surface clean as the crank turns.....someone say something
  3. born2expire

    source of supply for that cloth that cleans the mag for your points

    looking to buy some new pieces as the one for my 1974 dt175 is brittle and done. having a brain fart and cant find it. thanks guys
  4. born2expire

    The 757!

    looking for other vintage or non vintage bike guys to hangout with / wrench with / ride with. i live down in the ass end of chesapeake in hickory right on the NC line. i know of a retired navy guy over in moyock that ill be meeting up with soon thats into two strokes. let me know if your in the...
  5. born2expire

    vapor blasting / dustless wet blasting

    i know there are a few companies here stateside that are blasting parts and a few companies selling machines to do it. just curious if any of you regular joe's out there have one of these and what you paid for it? im looking at snagging one maybe go in on it with a friend or two and use it for...
  6. born2expire


    im not sure if the pics are loading because they aren't for me unless you right click and open in new window or tab. please share! my buddy Glenn is in his 60's and one of the nicest and coolest guys but he does fence estimates for a living and isnt rich by any means. he needs these back!
  7. born2expire


    HELP STOLEN BIKES IN ST. PETERSBURG, FL!!!! PLEASE SHARE. A great friend of mine Glenn Saunders had two of his only vintage bikes stolen this past week from 3rd st and 14th ave. There were 5 guys and they were in a newer black jetta/passat with the new HID bulbs and a golden cadillac truck. St...
  8. born2expire

    Virginia? Anyone?

    hey man im moving to chesapeake. hows the vintage scene?
  9. born2expire

    great motorcycle / parts auction in lebanon, IN

    hopefully some of you live near that way and can snag some of these gems that need saving. if you go please post back on here what you bought. would love to go to this!
  10. born2expire

    74 CB360 Gas in the oil

    change the oil immediately and then ride it around for like 30 mins or so and then check the oil again. gas in the oil is not good, it reduces the lubricating properties these engines need and if theres too much it could cause a crank case explosion. see one on the ship while i was out to sea...
  11. born2expire

    Wet Media Blasting

    coal nation when you get some prices for these units please post if you have them. i'm wondering if you built a wash down room almost like a shed that could collect the media as you washed it down to a collection drain and then re-used it rather that being a mobile spray unit and just use it...
  12. born2expire


    the real question is how much are you going to get out of the city/county from that dumbass cop running a light with NO EMERGENCY LIGHTS ON
  13. born2expire

    Tampa Bay, Florida!!!!

    guys it used to be at SAKE BOMB but has been moved to THE BENDS in st pete. its on 1st ave n and MLK. super small bar just like sake bomb but way more better parking and stuff.
  14. born2expire

    CB 350 part-out SALE!

    if you were close enough i was going to ask about the whole engine, but thanks man hopefully you make a few bucks!
  15. born2expire

    CB 350 part-out SALE!

    any pictures? i would be interested in the left and right hand controls and the tank. also where are you located?
  16. born2expire

    Rant! New low from a bike shop...

    unless its your bike/car or someone you know's then whats the big deal? you should see my instagram of all the worst POS/bro shit rides i see at bike night or dudes riding nuts to butts on scooters as im driving around
  17. born2expire

    Cb360 rear sprocket search

    limited market, i'm pretty sure you will have to get it machined how you want it.
  18. born2expire

    '74 Suzuki TS250 Beginner Build

    im into it, keep it up. wether people follow it or not someone will come along with this same bike at some point down the road and use your thread as a reference so essentially your being a teacher without knowing it!
  19. born2expire

    1973 CB350 front brake switch

    drum setup, 350G, i figured much but wanted to make sure.
  20. born2expire

    1973 CB350 front brake switch

    bought the bike and the cable is thrashed. does anyone know of where i can snag a repop or a NOS cable? i found this one on ebay and was wondering if it will work on my 73 cb350...
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