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    Excess Four Hundred (XS400 Brat Build)

    Wow....Kudos proud Lady on that pictures...well deserved!
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    DT250 Tracker

    I am stunned with the build but the exhaust is not well designed , even when you certainly have the skillz to pull that off. Kudos!!
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    New schlachtwerk classic drag racer W650

    Sweet mother of Jesus...I certainly follow this build...awesome! :o
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    1991 cb750 nighthawk brat

    Amazing build..congrats! I think the shocks are fine as they are and with this incredible Tank it will look the dogs bollocks. 8)
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    Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride - Oxford 2017

    So awesome....I was part of the last ride in BCN..lots of brits over there :)
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    1981 Suzuki GS450L - Cruiser to Scrambler

    I really enjoyed reading your "ramblings" :D I will soon start a gs250 and I really hope the outcome will be half as good as yours! Mayor kudos for your first build...its amazing! Cheers from cold Lima/Peru Andy
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    Honda XL250 Motorsport 72 cafe brat

    :o What happened with that project ?? It was sooo promising !!
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    Building a brat style seat for my cm200t ;D
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    Cb 250 video

    A nice wrap up what to do with an old twofifty ;)
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    Largest tyre on rear of Suzuki gn250?

    140...but you have to change the brake arm.
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    '81 GN400 (again)

    Front will stay that high?? Looks weird, no offense.
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    SR250 Urban Leisure Scrambler by a noob

    Awesome welding!! But why did you not remove the ugly(and heavy) passenger foot rest??
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