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    locked up motor

    Nifty. Ill have to get some of that.
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    locked up motor

    Its a 72 cb750
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    locked up motor

    The bike to my knowledge sat in the barn for years and years. The one owner it had was some guynthat moved away and left the bike in his parents barn. Shows to have about 700 im not sure how true that is.
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    locked up motor

    Ok my motor is locked up. Tried to turn it over with the kick start and it wouldnt budge. Tried rocking it back and forth only to.notice the chain was broken. So at this point i have taken out the old spark plugs and poured marvel mystery oil down the cylinders. Before i go romping on it again...
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    Motorcycle Carburetor Theory 101

    THis answers sooooo many questions for me. HAHAHA!!!
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    Did I get screwed?

    Cant say i have ever had a problem with Photobucket. There was one situation where it kept going to photobucket mobile BUT that was easily fixed with a few clicks.
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    Vincent from Texas

    Howdy. Im Vincent, I'm in Texas and picked up a CB750 out of someones barn.1972 Honda CB750. Motor is seized so i poured marvel mystery oil down the cyliders, but id like to make it into a cafe racer. Hope I can learn a lot from you guys so I'm ok with harsh criticism since this is a new scene...
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