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  1. midnightcafe

    1977 XS750 to XS885D - For sale for real this time

    Re: 1977 XS750 to XS885D - What's it worth? Looking to sell. Maybe I'm the only one here to offer a dissenting opinion, but I've seen friends part with their beloved projects for much less than what they put into them. It's sad, but understandably that's how it goes most of the time. I think...
  2. midnightcafe

    77 cb750f2 915cc Updated Pics

    Re: 77 cb750f2 915cc Damn dude 8) . Do you run it with a front fender? Or is it just a show bike/Sunday ride?
  3. midnightcafe

    Juggernaut XS750 "Antichrome"

    Turbos were an expensive trend. Expensive purchase price, very costly insurance premiums, and don't even mention maintenance costs. Motorcyclists bucked the trend and bought bikes with bigger motors instead. If turbos were to come back, it would be more for fuel efficiency and emissions...
  4. midnightcafe

    Cafe Racer Fairing (upstate NY)

  5. midnightcafe

    Hayabusa Front End (upstate NY)

    hmm. I'll be in Monroeville for a business trip in 3 weeks. Most likely going to drive. I could bring this front end along lol. Shoot me a quick list of goodies you have!
  6. midnightcafe

    Hayabusa Front End (upstate NY) just listed a cafe fairing as well.
  7. midnightcafe

    Hayabusa Front End (upstate NY)

    I like where this conversation is going! Where are you located?
  8. midnightcafe

    Cafe Racer Fairing (upstate NY) This ad is also mine, price negotiable. I want to see it go to a good home as my plans changed for my build. Doesn't come with mounting brackets-fairing only, and it will fit singles and parallel twins (too narrow for inline fours). -Emmet
  9. midnightcafe

    Hayabusa Front End (upstate NY)

    maybe? Whaddya have??
  10. midnightcafe

    Hayabusa Front End (upstate NY) This is my ad. I picked it up thinking it would be for a project, but then I came across an R1 front end and I don't need both. I'm located in Schenectady, NY.
  11. midnightcafe

    help identify this fairing?

    There's no visible tag or ID, but it was primed on the inside. She's fiberglass. If I do decide to use it on the 750, I'd mount a stainless mesh over the headlight cutout and run twin endurance lamps-something along the lines of Here's another...
  12. midnightcafe

    help identify this fairing?

    I bought this fairing for $20 at Mid-Ohio last summer and was thinking about using it on my GS750. I haven't checked if it would fit (recovering from surgery) and I actually have no idea what bike it's off of. Take a look and let me know if you know, Thanks!
  13. midnightcafe

    what pants do you ride with?

    Urban Rider has some listed on their site: I'm really impressed with the Belstaff jeans equipped with D30 armor...
  14. midnightcafe

    what pants do you ride with?

    fully lined. Denim with kevlar weave throughout. Raw denim is a plus, but it takes forever to break in (typical for raw denim).
  15. midnightcafe

    what pants do you ride with?

    Looks like Deth Killers dropped their price on their Asphalt-reistant jeans: only $185! They come with extra long length (meant to be hemmed to length), and they're raw denim, which means they'll last you a long time and require almost no...
  16. midnightcafe

    what pants do you ride with?

    I've seen their promo through Iron & Air, but at $400 I can't even bother looking at them. Here's another brand to look at (seen on Hell for Leather): These don't look bad, especially for $195. That's pretty cheap...
  17. midnightcafe

    what pants do you ride with?

    Post a pic/review of the pants you wear while you ride here. Please keep it to armored pants-department jeans aren't worth shit over 30mph, I don't care how cool you look doing so. Form follows function. Skinny jeans belong nowhere near a man's crotch let alone his motorcycle (unless worn by an...
  18. midnightcafe

    Of Bikes and Watches....

    Citizen field watch with NATO strap:
  19. midnightcafe

    xl250 thumper-stator/electrical woes- HELP!

    alright, so I promised everyone I know that I'd finally race my '72 Honda XL250 this Sunday at the Electric City Riders Memorial Cup-the biggest race of the year, in the vintage TT class. However, it runs terrible. When cold, it runs great. After warming up, wind the throttle and it bogs down. I...
  20. midnightcafe

    motorcycle show in Brooklyn?

    I'm not on Yahoo, do you have any more info? thanks.
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