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  1. AdamTubb

    Really well made video! That ending though! =(

    I know this is an old post but I just watched it. I had the same reaction as most. -Yea! -Yea! Freaking Awesome! -Wait no... -NO!!!
  2. AdamTubb

    74 RD350 - Anything more than 2 strokes is a waste

    Looking sweet, I'm in till the end of this one
  3. AdamTubb

    TX swap meets?

    Anyone know of some solid swap meets in the East Texas area? Needing to build up on some parts and my inventory is a little scarce.
  4. AdamTubb

    Dallas/Ft Worth Introduction Thread

    Dunno if you boys would let in a Nacogdoches rider but, we got some great roads down here if some of ya'll are down for a full day cruise
  5. AdamTubb

    Howdy from Texas

    Can do TexasStar: For starters this is my first full built bike. It's a custom street fighter nicknamed "Brute" Hysosung GT650R frame SV1000 motor & Trans. Custom Pipes w/ Screaming Eagle baffle GSXR Seat Katana Forks Suzuki Tank Ebay Headlight Home-made wiring harness (which sucked more...
  6. AdamTubb

    Anyone in/near/around East Texas??

    I dunno if your still around Ichabod but I'm here in Nac too bro. And I've been hunting people to ride with
  7. AdamTubb

    Howdy from Texas

    Hey guys my name is Adam and I'm from East Texas. I've been surfing around this sight since I bought my 1977 RD400D and I figured I'd join up so I can get some feed back on some questions I might have in the future when I start to Cafe out my Yameehaa. I really like whats going on around here...
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