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  1. famousseajay

    Suzuki 2-Stroke Part Out

    I found it in a parts catalogue and the part looks familiar. However, in my preliminary searching I could not find one. If I do end up coming across one once I get all of the parts sorted and listed online you will be the first to know. Need anything else?
  2. famousseajay

    Suzuki 2-Stroke Part Out

    Im not sure I know what you are specifically talking about? Is it a tool pouch you are after? A tie down strap? Or is it an actual compartment attached to the battery box? I have both battery boxes so I can check.
  3. famousseajay

    Suzuki 2-Stroke Part Out

    Here were the bikes as they sat when I got them. 1974 1976
  4. famousseajay

    Suzuki 2-Stroke Part Out

    I am in the final stages of my GT250 build so it is time to thin out the reaming parts I have left taking up valuable space in my garage. I started with 74' and 76' Suzuki GT250's, both running and ridding. After it was all said and done I have A LOT of stock parts laying around. These are...
  5. famousseajay

    GT550 Blue Smoke Devil

    Bummer dude. I know how it is. My GT250 is almost a great running bike. Keep your chin up, you got an awesome bike! 8)
  6. famousseajay

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    @beachpunk I like em both!
  7. famousseajay

    My wife is so creative!

    Just straight up, BEST birthday ever! Id love to have the birthday next year.
  8. famousseajay

    緑のドラゴン KZ750

    Glade you updated, because this build is awesome! And yes, the spoked wheels are money!
  9. famousseajay

    All Illinois/Chicago/General Area people sign in here !!

    I am so in for a meet! This thread is getting tons of play as of late. 8)
  10. famousseajay

    My Art

    Great work man!
  11. famousseajay


    Because people are dumb. This could also be the reason why the bike is listed as a 350, but both side covers say 250... ???
  12. famousseajay

    Expansion chambers?!?!

    Chambers are badass. Why would you not want them? Thats one of the reasons 2-strokes rock! 8)
  13. famousseajay

    h2 racer kawayamazuki!

    Re: h2 racer kawayamazuki! This thing is insane! I love it! :o
  14. famousseajay

    gt380 stock parts

    Brad, Finally made it to the post office to get an accurate shipping quote for the seat. How does $55 shipped to your front door sound? If that works for you PM me your address and ill get it shipped out ASAP. It is all boxed up and ready to go.
  15. famousseajay

    '75 suzuki gt250...Buzzing around the block

    Re: '75 suzuki gt250...Now onto fuel injection Very nice!
  16. famousseajay

    gt380 stock parts

    Let me get back to you on that. I just did a guesstimated shipping quote on and it was kind of scary. Ill try to get a more accurate quote and get back to you. Not interested in the chain guard? Would be real easy to throw into the box with the seat... ;D
  17. famousseajay

    gt380 stock parts

    Here ya go. Let me know what you think. If your interested shoot me a price. Pretty good condition for its age. Seam starting to separate, but still intact. Small tear on front right side complete with original dealers sticker. Light surface rust, some pitting.
  18. famousseajay

    gt380 stock parts

    Got a decent seat, and yup a chain guard. Ill pull the stuff out tonight and snap some pics for you.
  19. famousseajay

    gt380 stock parts

    Ive got a ton of stock GT250 parts. Some parts are interchangeable between the GT models. What are you needing? Ive pretty much a whole bike and a half in parts.
  20. famousseajay

    All Illinois/Chicago/General Area people sign in here !!

    Any location or position other than the stock location is "illegal." It takes the right kind of dick cop to pull you over for it though.
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