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    My 1972 Ford Torino 472 BBF

    I can dig that. Really nice.... love the wheel combo. Mine is a 75 Ranchero with a VERY mild 460 (Intake, light cam)... will get updated further.
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    Congrats to Dutra and Back Alley Moto

    Just saw this posted.... Big congrats to Paul! Way to go Buddy!
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    Sorry for all the late replys guys but...

    What he said.... Well, about time you got a job... living off your wife like that... shame.
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    In case you missed it..

    Congrats to the newest DTT member! Well done indeed!
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    Let's see your Garage / Shop

    Nice shed you have there. Got any more pics of the Ranchero (here is mine:)
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    Let's see your Garage / Shop

    I hear that.... my place is the same. It gets a little nuts, cause I know that if I'm missing the screwdriver i want to use, i go nuts trying to find it. I also only have 1 buddy who uses my shop.... cause he understands that tools have a place. know what I mean? My small section of wall is...
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    Flux Core Welders

    My experience with the fluxcore is that it isn't great at doing exhausts. As they have mentioned, wait for a good gas model (lincoln/miller/hobart, etc). I bought one of those flux only models, and I realize the limits pretty quick. If you are wanting something sooner (total understand that)...
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    N.A. Int'l SuperShow 2011

    I do believe so...
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    Let's see your old cars!!!

    based on the previous post, I suppose I need to add mine (not quite as cool as Mysta's...) 1975 Ford Ranchero... 7.5L of sheer torque. One day, it'll look better... the goal being 70's muscle style...
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    Needed to decorate a room....

    and Done.
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    Congrats bro.
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    Well, I like it. In fact, it was one of the bikes I used as inspiration in building mine:
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    Building my garage, need some ideas!!

    two words.... Garage Journal
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    '63 Riviera

    I dig that... I'd keep it, if it were me.
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    New (to me!) Kawhauler

    that bed isn't low.... i'll show you low... :D :o
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    New (to me!) Kawhauler

    Nice dude.... need a little drop in mine... but not too much. More like better tires/wheels.
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    Got me a Ranch...

    Thanks Bud!
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    Got me a Ranch...

    Yup, one of the main reasons for it :) Wanted something which would be unique, fun as hell, and be useful (haul bikes, drywall, wood, etc). Ironically, it comes with a big enough hitch/motor I could pull another car on a float pretty easily....
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