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    Carburater Jet kit

    Re: Craburater Jet kit Cheers bro ;)
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    Carburater Jet kit

    Re: Craburater Jet kit I got my crab jet off eBay too, I didn't really need to mess around with anything else after installing it.
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    Overgrown Triumph 1200 cafe racer?

    I really like where this is going!
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    cafe racer movies, videos or documentaries

    Change of direction sorry but what band were you in? I'm over Misfits, I find them much too cheesy. I listen to purely psychobilly and a bit of rockabilly mostly. And yes, Leather Boys seems like a top movie. I've only seen a few clips of it but from what I saw it was awesome!
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    Feckin Irish Whiskey

    This is my favourite thread.
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    So what is your favorite music band?

    THE M3T3ORS The Meteors - Charlie, Johnny, Rawhead And Me The Tall Boys The Tall Boys - Island of Lost Souls / Another Half Hour Till Sunrise
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    Quick question - Connecting 2 threaded rods on an acute angle...

    I was thinking that but I still have nothing holding back the rear-set lever. If I piggyback it off the original set up it works fine, I just need something to connect the two rods.
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    Quick question - Connecting 2 threaded rods on an acute angle...

    I tested it out with 2 nuts clamping on 1 just to see if it would work OK.\ It doesn't seem to bend and it runs quite smoothly. It's a little harder to push down with the lack of leverage but it's not bad.
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    Quick question - Connecting 2 threaded rods on an acute angle...

    Well if I were to run the rear-set rod to the brake arm, there is nothing stopping it from moving backwards, e.i. When I tighten the nut on the drum, the pedel moves up. If that made sense? I thought I could piggyback off the original brake set up and run another rod from the existing...
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    Quick question - Connecting 2 threaded rods on an acute angle...

    Described it the best I could... I can take photos if you need later tonight if you need. Cheers!!
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    Quick question - Connecting 2 threaded rods on an acute angle...

    As the subject says, I need to connect two threaded rods on my rear brake set up. What would be the best way to do this so they hold fast? Diagram provided if it helps...
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    TATTOOs... Lets see what ya got!!..

    Re: TATTOO's... Lets see what ya got!!.. Here's my first I just got on Saturday...
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    Anybody else shave with a straight?

    I have been shaving with mine for about 2 years now because it's a lot more comfortable than the modern razors and they keep for just about a lifetime. I genuinly prefer shaving with them out of comfort and reliability then using them 'cause I'm full Kustom Kulture Rockabilliez ;D ::)
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    just a test, don't bother looking!

    Hey, what's going on in this thread?
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    Making a Speedo face?

    Cheers! I know my way around photoshop so that's no problem. I'll just need to find a speedo with a close enough ratio... Is the thread on a Jap bike speedo much different from a Smiths speedo?
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    FL School board shooting vid

    Sorry, that wasn't directed at anybody inparticular, it's just what I heard. But I do agree, no doubt his head was messed up!
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    Soldiers! Sailors! Airmen!

    Been reading into it and it seems I make a shitload more doing things I enjoy, than I do here, rotting away in an office!
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    FL School board shooting vid

    I'm pretty sure he didn't actually hit anybody. Missed everybody and was shot by security. Later shot himself after being injured.
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    Soldiers! Sailors! Airmen!

    Great stuff guys! Navy was my first choice when I began looking into the Defence Force about 2 years ago, just giving it real thought now. Air force was second and I didn't really look into army much until I found the Mechanical Engineers. Sorry, I read some previous comments about "what I want...
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    Soldiers! Sailors! Airmen!

    Just gone 20 in October. We have what we call the ADF Gap Year here in Aus where you pretty much do "basic" basic training for a year and try out all the jobs before you agree to stay on. But if I want to continue that will make it 7 years... I'm pretty sure you can transfer to reserves if you...
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