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    Wisconsin DTT Members?

    Just moved to Eau Cliare from Colorado. I'm working on an 80 xs850, a 76 cb550, and a 72 t250. Looking for people to wrench and ride with. Also advice on a decent local shop. Cheers!
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    Need a title?? Easy Peasy from the Great State of Maine!!

    Just check'n to see if anyone has tried CO. yet? I have a '76 Honda that could use some assistance.
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    Location Shout-Out

    Fort Collins, Colorado.
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    CL 175 piston Bore question

    Hey all, I'm looking at rebuilding the engine on my 68 Cl 175. Cylinders are pretty bad, thinking of boring them and putting in oversized pistons. Any suggestions? Have not done this before. Not really sure of what my options are, or where to find the oversized pistons/ rings and what...
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    Getting a new title in Colorado.

    Hey all! Going through the steps to get a new title for my 76 CB550 here in Colorado. Thought I'd share what I have learned so far. First of all, it is fairly inexpensive if your bike is more than 25 years old. You still have to Bond the bike, but you do not have to pay the 400 Bonding fee for...
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    Need a title?? Easy Peasy from the Great State of Maine!!

    Just wondering if this service is still available, will be sending a PM, I have a 175 that is in need of assistance.
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    newbie from denver

    Welcome Hans, I'm up in FoCo. Sweet rides, keep us posted!
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    CL175 Codname: Orange

    Re: CL175 (Orange is done... for now) Hey all. Life caught up with me again. Back now. I finished up this bike in July, It is licensed and ready to ride. As I mentioned before I was restoring this bike for my mother to ride to and from work. Unfortunately she is still waiting on getting...
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    Colorado Crew!!!!!

    Hey ajaf, Welcome, I''m guessing I'm the other guy in FoCo. Building a 76 CB550 and digging into a 68 Cl175 this winter. Glad to hear there are more here in the fort! Hows you're progress on the bike? I'm fighting with getting mine titled at the moment. close though.
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    CL175 Cylinders

    Well, they look a damn sight better than mine. I would guess just a hone would do it. If you run your finger down the wall towards the edge (top and bottom) can you feel a "ridge"? If not then a honing should be all they'd need, and I would be interested in taking those of your hands.
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    CL175 Cylinders

    BigR- well... might you be willing to part with the one you have? if not I'm going to wait it out on ebay. Wissy- thanks, but I have a set right now that I could use if I wanted to bore it out, but I'm trying to save money. All I need if I get my hands on the cylinder is some piston rings and...
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    CL175 Cylinders

    BigR- I spoke with Micheal from Batemans a while back and he said that the sloper and vert style cylinders were identical, and that any year would be safe. Just to make sure someone didn't deck the cylinders too much. Wissy- Yeah looks like the same motor. Don't know if I could save the...
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    CL175 Cylinders

    It's an odd one, I'll need to check, It is a 68 or 69. I thought they would swap. That's unfortunate.
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    WANTED: 74 CB550 airbox

    I have a 75 airbox, I'm pretty sure it's the same, If you still need it.
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    CL175 Cylinders

    I need a cylinder for a CL175 Late sixties to mid seventies will work, her engine was locked up. I discovered that the one cylinder wall has a groove in it, I don't have the tools or experience to bore it out myself, and the local mechanic wants several hundred to do the job for me. If I can...
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    CB550 Gas Cap. Help me get her road worthy!

    I've got it all up and running, except for the damn gas cap. It seems to have walked off. It is a 1975 CB550K. I need the round chrome style cap, w/ out lock, unless you have lock and key. NOT the square-ish panel style. It's the last piece I need to get her road worthy for the State Highway...
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    The Travelling Gremlen Bell! In Kentucky getting Rusty.

    Re: The Travelling Gremlen Bell! Sounds like a great idea! My bike should be running and titled by next month hopefully, I might want to get in on this for it's first real ride.
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    What does everyone do for their "real" job?

    I "grease the gears" so to speak at a local custom fine jewelery design shop. Darvier Custom Jewelery. We use CAD so we can make just about anything in any metal. DTT rings maybe?
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    My 550four; Yoruko

    So, here's how she sits now: Still need to figure out some wiring, Can't get the front signals to work :P Need to hook up and bleed the front brake. Need to find new exhaust, I really don't like what is on her right now. Need to get the Title work figured out. And find a Right side cover...
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