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    Smack dab between Seattle & Portland This is exit 111
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    Cb450 Stuff

    Got the hinge for that seat?
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    You know your old when.... The bike you rode in 5th grade is now in a museum. and Im still ridin
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    best riding jeans?

    Diamond Gusset Defender Jeans
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    1971 CL 350 Clean up

    My 76 came with every piece of paper ever generated on it. The original plate too. Its considered an antique by Washington State motor code. Not only do I never have to pay another penny for any sort of licensing. To and from events, I dont have to wear a bucket. Seems once its old enough you...
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    cx500 engine

    Too bad you dont live in my hood, Ive got a parts bike for $200 Its not complete, and there is not title, but most of it is there
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    Los Angeles to Vancouver on a Bonneville

    10 years ago I took my 2000 Bonnie cafe to Salt Lake city and back to Seattle, most fun Id had in years.
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    1958 Enfield/Indian Trailblazer - Kustom Cafe Racer Project

    My parents and the rest of the guys at their Indian shop buried the American Indian in 53. I did not know RE stole the name and used it just to confuse me 60 years later
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    Question about 69 CB450 Forks

    66-69 all the same, if my 68 didnt have 6 over extended forks on it, Id sent them your way
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    1958 Enfield/Indian Trailblazer - Kustom Cafe Racer Project

    Re: 1958 Enfield Indian Twin - Kustom Cafe Racer Project Being that Indian went out of business in 1953, how does one have a 58?
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    CB450 Black Bomber?

    I have a semi complete 1968 black bomber in me shed. Paid $200 for the entire bike. To bad the front fender was gone
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    First bike ever question

    When I was a wee lad I started on a 125cc, then years later 250, etc. That is the safest way to learn. Now that Im up to a 1200cc for highway travel, I still have prefer my 500cc Honda for everything but doing the ton down the vast ribbon of roads that go around and though the US.
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    Care to share a little inspiration?

    The Dunstall fairing is still the rage in some circles.
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    Holy Moly

    I dont know if this has been seen here yet, but man is it beautiful Note the mono shock. My $50 CL frame and motor has been made to use a mono shock, The possibilities are endless
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    Fuck bead blasting

    Ill stick with my sand basting cabinet, its already here and was $50 from Harbor Freight (bought used one, new $150)
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    I had a gallon tin of marvel mystery oil around here somewhere, and ah, by snips are gone too.......
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    Pre-bike purchase opinions needed

    How about you crawl before you go airborne. A CB450 is a much better choice, a 350 even better
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    A dot helmet that doesn't sit 18 feet off my head like the Great Kazoo?

    <------ My 1986 bucket DOT dont mean crap to me. Since the state took away our right to choose Ive been using the same half skid lid since 1986, when the law came to be. I ground half the foam out of a mushroom head half helmet, and you would not believe how many have tried to buy it from me...
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    Left on Red?

    We here in the upper left coast can turn right on a red, and left only onto a one way going that way. They just did pass a law that says if you sit though a traffic light cycle, and it does not trip, then you can turn left or straight. While its still red. Ive been doing this since the 70's...
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    gel seat pads

    I had a U.M. I remodeled the seat to fit my taller butt. With just the same pad on the plastic seat panel, it was a bit to stiff for me. She on the other hand said it was the best seat she had ever ridden with. It seems to keep her girl parts from chaffing. Who Knew
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