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    Ultimate Cafe Racer Watch

    Ok, i started this so here's my timepieces. 1st is Wenger Raid Commando. Nowadays it lays mostly in a drawer (that thing is heavy), wore it all the time when I was active in our "National Guard". Second is a decade old Esprit with aftermarket hand stitched snake skin strap, used to have a ugly...
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    Ultimate Cafe Racer Watch

    Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva designed and manufactured this timepiece to honor 70's RR world champion Jarno "Baron" Saarinen who died -73 in Monza GP. Design follows Baron's helmet colors.
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    "Woody" a '75 cb750k cafe racer woodgrain paint. Done 4/15!

    Re: "Woody" a '75 cb750k cafe racer with woodgrain paint Been lurkin' here a while and this is one of the nicest builds I've seen on dtt! Are you still keeping the budget reasonable or has it already dried your wallet? For ex-Kawasaki dude like me (had a few in the past, now 14yrs...
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