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    XS650 engine case

    So, in an effort to rebuild my engine, chipped part of the engine case off ( I wasnt being rough, it was a casting defect I swear). : ( So, I need a new bottom half of the engine case. Any one have an old scrapper for sale? Mine is an 82 Brandon M Paul 502.821.0339
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    Society Today.....blah!

    The thing is that Infidelity is nothing new. These kind of things have always been around just no one spoke about them. Wives and husbands would stand by silently as thier relationships were violated. It was none of anyones business. Now we have a peeping tom mentality where we want to know...
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    1977 CB750k

    1977 Cb750 K Great running condition 33k clear title 2250 obo$ New: MAC 4-1 exhaust Brakes (F&R) tach,speedo, clutch cables headlight paint (oem audi dolphin gray) electric points Carb boots (Honda NOS) Bridgestone spitfire tires & tubes wheel bearings ( done by Magnum Cycles) turn...
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    What's your funny/embarrassing bike story?

    gsdapollo I feel your pain. I was parked outside my gym. while standing next to the bike I went to start it and had forgotten that the bike was in the bike lunges forward landing on me as I attempted to keep it from landing on the ground...I managed to keep it up but my ego was...
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    Insurance for our vintage machines

    I ride a cb750k first time rider...geico FTW!
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    Insurance for our vintage machines

    this has to be a Canada thing...I am 22 and pay $215 per year for a first time rider here in the US
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    the zombie apocalypse thread...

    I talked to my G/F about this and she lives to far away for me to effectively rescue her. While its only 15 miles there is only main road to get there and in the event of an aapocolypse, it will surely be blocked by refuse, the undead, etc... So, after saying my good byes I would procede to...
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    Overheard at work (Kids say the damndest things)

    my virgin ears are buring!!!
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    Vintage gold flake on my cb550

    where did you get your vinyl logo
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    What she doesn't know won't hurt me...

    She will wonder why the Chicken tastes like paint one day.
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    NEED ADVICE: Cheap insurance for a young, new rider with low displacement bike..

    I am here in the staes and ride a 77 cb750k, i have a few tickets and i pay $230 a year with geico, I am also 23.
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    Best front end donor?

    I have a cb750k 77 looking to modernize things a bit and want to know what the best (easiest) bike would be to pull the front end (triple tree, brakes, wheel). 1.) It needs to require minimum boring 2.) It needs to be attainable To that end I would alos need a new rear as well. So come on what...
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    Mirror mount

    "upgraded" to a cbr brake master cylinder that doesnt have a mirror mount who makes a good mirror holder ad on?
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    Will it stop?

    I am happy to report that i picked up an 86 VFR bmc and it works just fine
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    Will it stop?

    Alright so today I went to remedy my leaky brake master cylinder with a rebuild kit...28 dollars later still not fixed. Got told by the local shop that it is the acutal outer shell/resivoir what have you. So I need to replace the entire thing. So my question is what can i use. I know I can use...
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    radical painter/blog

    its like someone crapped a rainbow in my brain
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    The Fastest Youve ever gone...

    this car was built for the highway. Full weld in cage made it stiff as hell, Good suspension kept it planted low and wide wheels and steering rack kept it firm
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    The Fastest Youve ever gone...

    160mph 1990 vw jetta vr6 turbo w/ passat tall gears scary b/c a car like that shoe box wants to start floating at that speed
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    face book
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    If you were to buy a NEW bike...

    suprised no one hasn't put this one up yet
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