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  1. Tim

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Moved the CA95 project into the new shop at the cabin to sit with the ST90 for the winter.
  2. Tim

    Arriving ignorant, hope to learn a lot

    My $0.02 If you're mainly interested in the aesthetic and actually riding and not worrying about being stranded, I'd highly recommend the Suzuki TU250X. I got one for my wife but I enjoyed riding it a ton. We recently sold it, but it's a perfect platform for some simple personalization and an...
  3. Tim

    Barber Vintage Festival 2023

    Post your pics! Would love to see a bunch of updates here with all the swap meet finds and shenanigans.
  4. Tim

    Barber Vintage Festival 2023

    Hope plenty of people make it. I'm driving home from Chicago Oct 1 and won't be able to be in Alabama this year. With luck I'll make the trip for 2024 and maybe the 20th in 2025.
  5. Tim

    Is this rare 1968-69 Honda CB450 K1 Tank savable??

    IMHO that is a salt shaker now. Rattle can it and hang it on the wall.
  6. Tim

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    2x6 is code here from what I can gather, and frankly it's worth the extra cost/weight even if not insulating I think. I doubt it will get insulated, as there are 5 massive 5x9 foot single pane windows going in. They're a set of sliding doors from a department store in a mall I think or...
  7. Tim

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Been getting a lot of wood lately. Today's haul will become the two load bearing walls on my 16 x 20 'shop' I'm building at the cottage finally.
  8. Tim

    What Are These Called?

    I don't think they're rare, or particularly sought after. Likely $20 or so. As always if someone is looking for them, then they're worth more ;) With the plethora of shock options available now, it's pretty easy to lower the rear end of a Honda without resorting to these. Useful on a new...
  9. Tim


    Happy to have someone from The Soo on the site! I've come through a few times driving from Toronto to Winnipeg and back, but never on a bike.
  10. Tim

    Where should i buy a hoop?

    Replacing the section of frame under the seat, behind the rear shock mounts is only feasible on some bikes. It's been a while since I looked at a CB750 frame (my first was a '77) but it seems to me Honda has a lot of pressed steel braces/flanges etc. that might make a transition to a 'hoop'...
  11. Tim

    Where to buy motogadget push buttons?

    You can get them directly from a long-time supporter of our community - Cognito Moto. If they don't have the specific one you want maybe they can get it in for you. A simple red circular adhesive vinyl would apply easily to the stock button, or any other symbol you would want cut out of vinyl...
  12. Tim

    HF 40X48 trailer into a GoldWing hauler

    I have one of these little trailers I set up for a small motorcycle, but will likely move the channel/wheel chock forward with some blocking under it to accommodate my DRZ. I have a 4x8 trailer as well but having a small dedicated motorcycle trailer is handy and it's small enough I can prop it...
  13. Tim

    CJ360 - what rearsets that wont need bent kicker?

    Yeah I thought maybe I'd use a length of threaded rod and simply sleeve it for aesthetic purposes. I'm assuming you did that for the brake stay being thicker, but the brake rod itself looks like thinner material and threaded on each end? My brake stay will likely just be a length of flat stock...
  14. Tim

    CJ360 - what rearsets that wont need bent kicker?

    That's sort of what I figured but was holding out hope that maybe there was pre-made material out there already threaded.
  15. Tim

    CJ360 - what rearsets that wont need bent kicker?

    For the rods you have in some of your sets, do you drill/tap the ends of stock aluminum rod or can you buy threaded aluminum tubing ready-made? I need to do a brake rod for my rigid project and am thinking of using aluminum rod with rod ends at each end to keep it simple and adjustable.
  16. Tim

    Registering custom motorcycle in Ontario Canada

    That's when I draft up my own bill of sale and scribble a signature on it.
  17. Tim

    Registering custom motorcycle in Ontario Canada

    After some discussions with a few different brokers, it is possible to insure the bike in Ontario. Not cheap - a solid 40% increase over insuring a more typical 650cc bike, but it is feasible. I was able to sniff out a couple of brokers that mention 'custom motorcycles' on their websites, and...
  18. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    It's actually very comfortable, but I haven't ridden it yet. A patch of sheepskin might be the go-to for the moment but depending on how the rest of the bike turns out, it might get a proper cover for a 'factory' look at some point. I have the original cover for it, but it's falling apart.
  19. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    I also bolted the grab handle back on, just to see what it looked like. It's set up to have a pillion seat behind it and I guess the handle is for a passenger. I almost bought another identical seat, unused with the cover etc on it locally but I missed out on it. I might try for a cover some...
  20. Tim

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    Couple of small bits done over the weekend. Throttle/carbs all sorted. Took some fiddling and deleting of some adjustment to allow enough cable length, but it's good to go and there's enough adjustment left to allow for free play etc. Also corrected the spacing of the rear wheel - need some...
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